The Vodafone ATH Foundation, being a remarkable mobile broadband and service provider, has recently achieved both highs and lows particularly in its reward system. The company has established to undertake social and philanthropic responsibility as its main core of operation. In doing this, the company has achieved some milestones as well as faced the challenges that follows.
To begin with, the Vodafone ATH Foundation has been able to provide support to various groups in society and their employees by creating employment opportunities and giving continuous professional development opportunities to its workers. Secondly, through its initiative to support the health sector, for instance in the campaign for fighting against cancer, most of its associates have benefited a lot from that.
On the other hand, the company has experienced some weak points in its reward system such as having poor performance in Europe. Following the Brexit situation, the company fell into tough economic conditions that translated into losses in the said continent. This meant a stretch to the employees working in that region in their reward system. Also, the firm has not been able to establish a solid market share in the USA which also causes a poor reward system to workers
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