Health and safety regulations and the effects of non-compliance with the occupational health and safety act among the supermarket sector with a focus on Tesco Ltd. Is worth investigating.
However, your work is much to brief. You should aim for the required word  +/-10% (of word count)
In chapter 1, you have provided some relevant information, but essential sections of the chapter are missing: Why are you interested in the topic? The research problem, aims, research questions and objectives are not formulated. Who benefits from reading your study (Significance)? Also, a brief overview of the work structure is missing.
In chapter 2, your focus is on health and safety acts. This chapter is too descriptive, and the number of references is too low. It is expected that you critically discuss theories and practices.  You should review current researches and compare their findings.
In chapter 3, you need to discuss the philosophical orientation that underpins your research. You need to evaluate various approaches available prior to justifying the chosen approaches. As your study is based on secondary data, you should explain which resources you have included and why.
The findings in chapter 4 should be based on the secondary sources you have chosen and should be discussed with links to the research objectives and the literature review in chapter 2.
In chapter 5 you should highlight the main findings and answer the research questions.
The recommendation should naturally follow from the findings and conclusion drawn. Furthermore, you should acknowledge the limitations of your research and, based on the limitations, suggest areas for future research.
The reference list must be in alphabetical order and Harvard style. When using sources found on the Internet you must include the web address and the date you have accessed the web site.