Healthcare Inequality Assignment
Assignment Overview:
The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize numerical data and sociological perspectives. Throughout the semester, we have been developing our understanding of the Conflict and Functionalist perspectives. In this exercise, you will use data (see the 3 tables below) from the Central Texas Sustainability project (CTSIP), a comprehensive evaluation of sustainability indicators in Central Texas, to identify patterns in numerical data and then apply each of the perspectives in explaining why these patterns exist.
Firstly, students should review the CTSIP tables (below) and figure out what sociological patterns are present regarding issues of inequality and healthcare. Secondly, students should identify and describe the two major theories (Conflict and Functionalism). Thirdly, students should apply these theories to the patterns presented in the CTSIP data. Finally, students should identify the larger societal implications presented in the data, combined with theoretical findings.
Below is a suggested outline to help guide your development of the paper. Please pay particular attention to the rubric given on the following page, as it provides specific information on where your points will come from and what I will be looking for.
Suggested Outline:
Formatting Requirements:
The assignment must adhere to the following formatting requirements:
• The paper must be at least 2 pages (no more than 5 pages)
• The paper must be submitted in Microsoft Word format
• The paper must be written in 12 point Times New Roman font
• The paper must be double spaced
• All page margins must be 1 inch
• Any text or other sources that paraphrased, quoted, or used for general guidance must be cited appropriately, using any conventional citation method you are familiar with (e.g., APA, MLA, ASA, etc.). If you are not familiar with a citation method, seek assistance from the instructor or the free University writing lab (
Paragraph 1
State the issue and concept of what you will be presenting.
Paragraph 2
State patterns in the data and extrapolate possible social connections focusing on health disparities and inequality.
Paragraph 3-6
Give a brief review of each theory. Apply each theory as it relates to the data given by the CDC.
Paragraph 7
Synthesize conclusion of material focusing on the social implications present.
CTSIP Tables:
Table 1:
Table 2:
Table 3:
Assignment Rubric:
Element of Paper
point value
What I am looking for
Critical Thinking
Introduction states issue
A paper with a clear introduction that identifies the issue
Presentation of information
A paper that examines the evidence and its relevance
Consideration of context and perspectives
A paper that recognizes the context and multiple perspectives
Logical progression of argument
A paper that logically presents perspectives with use of data
Conclusion with implications
A paper with a clear conclusion that addresses the implications of the data
Communication Skills
Addresses all elements
A paper that shows awareness of perceptions and assumptions
Level of organization
A paper that is organized and cohesive
Demonstrates awareness of concepts
A paper that demonstrates awareness of multiple perspectives
Use of relevant content
A paper that utilizes relevant data in an appropriate manner
Clearly delivers material and thoughts
A paper that presents a clear transmission of meaning and thought
Empirical/Quantitative Skills
Identifies numerical facts
A paper that identifies appropriate numerical data
Synthesizes numerical data
A paper that synthesizes numerical facts into perspectives
Analyzes numerical data
A paper that analyzes numerical data and its implications
Social Responsibility
Acknowledges other perspectives
A paper that acknowledges multiple perspectives
Applies other perspectives
A paper that applies multiple perspectives to the concept
Acknowledges relation of perspective to community
A paper that acknowledges how perspectives relate to society
Applies analysis to community
A paper that applies, in detail, the perspectives to society
Total Points
*This paper is worth a total of 35 points. You will be critiqued on the items listed above as well as your ability to apply Functionalism and Conflict theories to your analysis.