While at the Duke University Medical hospital, I had the opportunity to work closely with clients who needed assistance to manage their weight in the facility’s weight management program. Overweight and obesity is one of the biggest public health concerns that is associated with other diseases. Multiple researchers have concluded that excess accumulation of fat in the body is a risk factor for diseases such diabetes and cardiovascular problems. What is more, a large percent of Americans are overweight and this has been attributed to poor dietary habits.  Many of the clients who attended Duke University while I was there demonstrated difficulties in being able to reduce weight.
I mainly engaged in monitoring and assessment. Monitoring and assessment in the context of a nutritionists involves determining the current weight of a patient and comparing it with the past one and then observing whether there is any improvement as far as weight management is concerned.
To monitor the clients’ weights, I used a modern weighing machine. I would ask the client to remove the shoes and step on the weighing scale which would automatically show up. After that, I would use the height last measured in their records together with the current weight to determine the BMI. If the patient had improved but was still overweight I would congratulate them but still emphasize on the need to lose more weight. For those who had not improved I would offer nutritional guidance and cancelling.
Achievement Orientation
While at the Duke University Medical Hospital, I worked closely with pediatricians. Children’s health is one of the healthcare sectors that demands the highest level of expertise. Prior to working at the facility, I would say that I was not good and did not feel comfortable to handle children’s health needs no matter how small they were. Nevertheless, at the end of my practice I am glad that I overcame the challenge.
I assumed the role of an assistant nutritionist in the pediatric ward. The role entailed determining the nutritional status of each child in the ward together with my senior and developing appropriate interventions.
I engaged in measuring the weight, height, and the mid-upper-arm circumference for each child. Then I would compare the measurements against the SD z-scores for each child, mainly those below 5-years and determine whether they were undernourished.
Change Leadership
I participated sensitizing the surrounding community on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding while during my attachment at While at the Duke University Medical Hospital. While at the facility, we heard a report that most women in North Carolina and Durham and Wake counties who go to work introduce their toddlers to replacement milk. As such, being highly knowledgeable in this maternal and child health, I found it necessary to sensitize the women to consider the importance of breastfeeding their babies.
I primarily engaged in educative sessions. My colleagues and I asked the women to gather for at least 30 minutes and listen to what we were communicating regarding breast feeding.
To convince the women on the significance of breastfeeding in a child’s life, I used power points showing images of children who visited health centers frequently as a result of low immunity.
I demonstrated collaboration while working with multiple professional in the various departments at Duke University Medical hospital to deliver care. For instance, I worked closely with interns who were in the facility.
I participated in encouraging the interns on the need to work hard and become goal-oriented.
I would speak to them in person while we were at work and when we held meetings.
Financial Skills
I demonstrated good financial analytical skills when I participated in a healthcare quality cost benefit analysis. I worked closely with other team members to determine how Duke University Medical Hospital was benefitting from the services it was offering.
Research was the main task that helped us to determine how the facility was making profits.
I asked multiple questions to the organization’s financial department.
Impact and influence
I was asked to be the team leader in organizing the next community intervention to reach people who cannot access healthcare. In other works, taking care to people’s homes but only for those who were identified as vulnerable.
I was supposed mobilize the participants to come up with a date convenient for everybody.
I asked the individuals who were to participate in the community outreach program to vote for a specific date.
Information Seeking:
I demonstrated information seeking skills by conducting research to maintain knowledge while at the Duke University Medical Hospital. Research is one of the important tools that keep healthcare workers informed. To be specific, I researched on the prevalence of moderate Acute Malnutrition in the surrounding community.
My main task was to go to the field and collect data during my free time.
I used questionnaire that guided me in getting the information that I was looking for. I also interviewed community members.
I demonstrated the character of being initiative by networking with fellow colleagues at the Duke University Medical Hospital.
I engaged in forming good relationships I came across in the facility and creating a good image.
I was polite in almost all of my conversations and tried to be friendly.
Innovative Thinking:
I demonstrated innovative thinking when working under the nutrition department. I tried to convince the clients to consider a little wine as it helps digestion and it was true.
I offered nutritional cancelling on a balanced diet to promote digestion
I used diagrams to make the clients’ understand the message I was communicating.
Interpersonal Understanding
While working at the Duke University Medical Hospital I had the opportunity to work with social care services unit whereby I demonstrated interpersonal understanding.
I was mainly tasked with seeking social support for the vulnerable patients.
I showed that I understand the clients concerns through nodding.
Organizational Awareness
I demonstrated organizational awareness when all the interns at the Duke University Medical Hospital were asked to provide a letter indicating their professional qualifications to continue working.
My major task was locate my documents and print them.
I adapted to the changes by finding my relevant certificates and presenting them to the hospital’s management.
Performance Measurement
I demonstrated performance measurement while at the Duke University Medical Hospital when assessing the children’ nutritional status in the pediatric ward.
I was tasked with monitoring the kids’ measurements
I took children’s measurements such as height, length, weight and MUAC and measuring it against a score cared.
Process Management & Organizational Design
I also confirmed process management and organizational design during benchmark best processes and practices in the facility.
For instance, I was the assistant manager of security practices.
I mainly assisted in notifying other workers on the best practices.
Project Management
I demonstrated project management qualities when asked to oversee the community outreach program.
I provided project oversight and sponsorship.
Ensured that everything was being executed as planned.
While at the hospital I proved self-confident by being willing to take on challenges.
I was once tasked with developing a menu plan for patients in the surgical ward.
I determined their various nutritional needs and developed a meal plan that accommodated all the patients.
Duke University Medical Hospital is one of the facilities recommendable for people who seek self-development. I demonstrated self-development by pursuing long-term development.
I volunteered to work at the geriatrics ward
Assisted the senior people with their daily care activities including feeding and managing their various medical conditions.
Strategic Orientation
My strategic orientation competence in the way I conducted environmental scanning while at the hospital.
I carried out a personal assessment of the way individuals behave in the institution.
I used observation mostly to draw my inferences.
Team Leadership
While at Duke University Medical Hospital, I proved to be a team leader during the community outreach program.
I led a group of 40 workers towards achieving the group goals.
To achieve that, emphasized in the need to set aside individual differences and focus on the main agenda.
Communication Skills
I addressed groups of women the need to breastfeed for the first six month.
Convincing mothers that breastfeeding for the first six months is crucial for both the baby and the manner.
Ensured that I used the correct grammar, I was clear, concise, polite and above all, used logic to convince the women.
Overall, my experience at Duke University medical Hospital enabled me to improve my competency skill. Most of the skills before the MHA program were below average apart from a few but currently, almost all are above the 5th mark. I would say that the need to be effective and to remain relevant in healthcare was the most compelling force towards achieving high in the competencies. I performed extremely well in capabilities such as communication skills, self-confidence, organizational awareness, and organizational orientation while I slightly improved in areas such as process management and performance measurement. For future development, I need to take multiple self-assessments in various institutions.
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