Assessment 2: Critical Reflection (30%)
Overview of Tasks
Task: Critical reflection of a planning model.
Length: 1000 words
Details of the task
HHB2402 Health Planning , Implementation & Evaluation
Assessment 2
Topic: Health Promotion Theory Critique
Value: 30% of total grade for the unit
Word Limit: 1000 words
For this assessment you will write a short critique of a health promotion model of your
Refer Chapter 3 Models for program Planning in Health -McKenzie Planning ,
Implementing, and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs a Primer
Include in your critique:
Critical discussion of the theory and it foundations- This section would contain
the History and Origin of the Model. Many models have undergone various
moderations , you would discuss why this has happened ( refer the literature )
How the theory is supported by research-evidence of the models successful
application in the literature.
Settings where you would apply the theory in the practice of health
promotion- Look to the literature , for situations where this Model has been applied,
and identify the models main function.
How you would use the theory to guide either individual behavior change or
changings communities or organisations- What does the literature say the
strengths of the Model are or its main application . look at all the components of the
Model and how they influence each other , and the outcome that it produces when
applied- look for its application in the literature – This will also reveal its limitations
How you would evaluate the success or otherwise of the theory when it has
been put
into practice– give an example how you would apply the model in a specific
setting and measure the outcomes.
27/08/2019 Template styles 2/3
An example of the scope of the literature that you would read if your model
was the Health Belief Model.
Rosenstock, IM 1974, ‘Historical Origins of the Health Belief Model’, Health
Education Monographs, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 328-335.
Glanz, K, Rimer, BK, Viswanath, K 2008, Health Behaviour and Health Education:
Theory, Research, and Practice, 4th edn, John-Wiley & Sons, San Francisco, CA.
Carpenter, CJ 2010, ‘A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Health Belief Model
Variables in Predicting Behavior’, Health Communication, vol. 25, no. 8, pp. 661-
Zimmerman, RS, Vernberg, D 1994, ‘Models of preventative health behavior:
Comparison, critique, and meta-analysis’, Advances in Medical Sociology, vol. 4,
Guilford, K, McKinley, E, Turner, L, ‘Breast Cancer Knowledge, Beliefs, and
Screening Behaviors of College Women: Application of the Health Belief Model,
American Journal of Health Education, vol. 48, no. 4, pp. 256-263.
Other requirements:
Refer to the marking rubric.
All material to be referenced using APA or Harvard style (VU library guides
You are expected to submit in MSword (.doc or .docx) format into Turnitin via
A front coversheet indicating unit code and title, student name and number,
lecturer/tutor name and total word count (Title page and contents are not part of
word count).
Normal rules re extension, sickness, plagiarism apply.
You are expected to have attended the guest presentations, completed all the
recommended readings, learning activities and up to date with your clinic hours.
Assessment Criteria and Submission
<<Please read the rubric set up for this assessment taks carefully. These are the
criteria that you will be assessed against for this task. It is important that you read
and understand the rubric before you attempt to write this essay. Understanding
27/08/2019 Template styles 3/3
the criteria written in this rubric will help you clarify what we are looking for in this
The rubric for this task can be viewed in the Assessment 2 Dropbox where you
can also submit your work.
Once you submit your essay, you will be able to see Originality Report (via
Turnitin), which you can use to improve your essay based on the report. You will
be able to submit multiple files per submission and submit your files more than