The determination of mortality rates among the citizens of a country or state is an important factor in development plans. However, homelessness can present a major problem in trying to come up with the right figures. It is thus essential to draw up models that tend to explain the number of deaths of the homeless. One method that can be effectively used is identifying data of a particular region and matching the figures against national mortality rates, either on an annual basis or over a duration of time (Barrow, Herman, Cordova, & Struening, 199).Furthermore, logistic regression analysis is used to examine the predictors of mortality within a homeless sample.
In the establishment and assessment of a person’s homeless status, the homeless death review is an important process. This is a review that assesses every homeless descendant. A case example is the Philadelphia homeless death review. The team that assesses the status of any person in the city is composed of representatives from universities, hospitals, managed care organization as well as homeless service providers and representatives from other publicly funded services (Philadelphia Homeless Death Review Team, 2012).
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