Critical Thinking

  1. Themost important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters are:

Chapter six gives detailed explanations of how people can use their instincts to make quick but accurate judgments on various issues. In particular, the author notes that intuition is an inherent gift in all humans. Importantly, he/she observes that people can enhance this ability through practice. He/she also opines that animals have this ability. To support his/her argument, the writer gives the example of animals’ abilities to accurately detect natural calamities before they occur.

  1. How can I use the information in the chapters to help me with my daily mindfulness practice?

The information in the chapter will be necessary for enabling me to establish quick and sound decisions in my daily activities. By practicing on my intuition abilities, I will be able to make accurate predictions of events that I am not seeing. Additionally, the information in the chapter will help me to increase my meditation and focusing abilities, which will enable me to enhance my instincts.

  1. In what ways will the material learned in these chapters help me manage my stress more effectively?

The information from this chapter will assist me to manage my stress by accurately predicting events and enabling me to make quick but correct decisions. Usually, most stress is due to unforeseen calamities or wrong choices. The materials in this chapter will allow me to enhance my intuition abilities, which will, in turn, assist me to predict various occurrences accurately. As a result, I will be able to make quick and appropriate decisions based on my thoughts.

  1. What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and activities for each chapter?

In my opinion, the information on this topic is enlightening since they show a reader of how they can use their natural gift of intuition to make sound decisions. The author supports his/her case with references and examples, which enhance his/her opinion. However, to make the article more relevant, the writer could have given a step-by-step procedure that people may use to increase their intuition abilities.