Advertisement is designed to pass specific information to the target audience and lure them to purchase the product. For instance, the DIRTBIKE magazine, October 2018 issue carried an advertisement of MX TEST: 2019 KTM 450SX-F in its pages (DIRTBIKE). The advert included a colored picture of the bike accompanied by written descriptions. Further, the adverts seek to inform the target audience “what’s new” about the model. The advert covers six pages with each dedicated to specific elements of the bike. The first page is the pictorial presentation of the model followed expected year of release in larger fonts (in orange and white) in page two. The rest of the pages gives detailed information on various aspects of the model. This advert is well-designed and worded article about the new KTM dirt-bike provides a detailed information about the changes and target people who in love ride dirt-bikes.
The advert incorporates several colors to make it appealing to the target audience. In the first, the design uses white and green as background colors. White covers the upper part whereas green is on the lower side representing ground. The white color helps in to attract the audience attention as it makes the fonts conspicuous thus attracting the readers’ attention. The green color represents the ground where the bikes run considering they are designed for off-road races. In the second page, the advert uses orange and white as font’s colors. Use of orange is strategic since KTM’s logo is in this color. Besides, most KTM bikes are orange making the color its reflection. In other words, any biker will easily associate the orange color with KTM bikes. It is also notable that only brand name KTM and model MX TEST are in orange. Using orange color thus condition the reader on the type of bike.
Models play a critical role in passing messages in the advert. They attract the audience’s attention by making them interested in the subject. This advert has one model in all pages and he is in racing gears. The pictures in different pages show the model at different angles riding the bike. For example, in the third, the picture shows him riding through a rough terrain which is synonymous with motorbike racing. The choice of this model effective in passing the message to the audience. Firstly, the pictures of the model portray the ability of 450SX-F (model in the display) to cruise through rough terrains. Secondly, the target audience easily associates with him since the dressing reflects their attires while riding. Besides, the helmets and gears make it appealing to people without much interest in racing bikes thus attracting them. The picture of the model on bike evokes memories for the riders and might cause adrenaline rush for people not familiar with motorbike racing since the positions look risky. In other words, the model used in the advert is attractive to everyone that comes across hence meeting its primary objective.
The setting of an advertisement is essential as it passes the unwritten message to the viewer. In this advert, the designer sets the scene in the juggle and rough terrain. The picture on the first page has hills on the background whereas those in other pages are characterized by the muddy environment. These settings help the designer to pass the message on the capability of the bike. For instance, the hills on the background of the first picture reflect the capability of the bike to perform in the most unforgiving environment. The pictures of a bike flying in a muddy environment are adrenaline charged images that tell the audience what the motorbike’s designer had in mind. It is not meant for the weak but aggressive ones ready to explore the undiscovered part of the world. Besides, the model is for races and the setting thus act as an assurance to the racers that it is designed purposefully for them to overcome challenges of riding through the muddy and hilly landscape.
The advert balances both the texts and pictures as they complement each other to pass the intended message. Pictures take a half of the page whereas the texts cover the remaining half. However, they are placed in a different section on each page. For example, in page two the picture covers the lower section and the texts cover upper part. Similarly, in page three the texts cover the upper section with pictures on lower parts. It is interesting to note that the designer uses different fonts on each page depending on the intended message.
The fonts in first and second pages big since they act as an introduction and contains little information on the subject rather than the general picture. The rest of the pages use normal fonts since they are intended to provide detailed information on the bike and its capability. In the last page, it uses orange background and normal fonts. The orange theme reflects the primary color of KTM whereas the texts contain all necessary information the potential buyer would wish to know about the bike. Notably, the texts use appropriate vocabulary in describing various aspects of the machine like performance. In addition, the texts use keywords such as “things are different” to attract the readers’ attention. The wording also creates a mod of change since the bikes are likely to become game-changers once released to the market. It is apparent from the wording that the writer intended to create enthusiasm and optimism among the audience as it promotes new, stronger and better ride.
The pictures and wording in the while advert indicate that its target audience is racers and motorbike enthusiasts. The tone and mood set by the pictures and texts intend to raise the expectations these people and raise their desire to purchase the dirt-bike. In essence, the advert presents the new model as game-changer that will help them get new experience in riding. Even the model used in the pictures is a rider in helmet and gear that they easily associate with. Besides, the information captured in the advert- both pictorial and texts, covers specific details on that relates to the performance of the bike. An ordinary person with no interest in bikes will hardly find this information useful.
In conclusion, the advert effectively presents its message to the audience and likely to lead to attracting a lot of interest. The pictures and texts are balanced and each serves a specific purpose that complements the other. Besides, the fonts used in the texts are appropriate and passes information without the reader straining. The choice of orange as the primary color is perfect as it is also the theme color for KTM. In other words, the designer of this advert uses color, picture, and wordings to create a theme, setting, and mood among racers and motorbike who are its target audience.
“MX TEST: 2019 KTM 450SX-F.” DIRTBIKE. Oct. 2018: 58-63. Print

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