1. Your paper should be 3-4 pages, double spaced 12 font.


  1. Your paper must include quotes from at least 4 sources. Remember that at least 3 of those must be found using the ISU library or ISU library website. You must cite your quotes, using either footnote citations or parenthetical citations and need to include page numbers, and you need to include a works cited/bibliography. The following information must be included in your works cited section: author, title, publisher, date of publication. If you are citing a documentary/film, you need to include title of the film, the director, and the distributor and distribution date.  If you are citing a website, you need to include the full web address and any information that would help someone find the exact page/section of the website you are using.


  1. Your paper should include an explanation of the tradition you are examining. You may want to describe things like the location of what you are studying, the people who practice it, the reasons behind the practice, the significance of the practice, and the details of the practice if it is something like a ceremony. Beyond describing the tradition, you may also want to discuss if there are any debates or controversies about the practice and if you see it as a threatened practice that may eventually be ended.  Finally, you can conclude your essay with an explanation of why you chose that tradition, what you found particularly interesting in your research, and any concluding thoughts you have about the tradition.


  1. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to me what you learned through your research. As you write your essay, think about what stands out to you as most important about the topic and make sure you convey that to me. Pretend like I know nothing about your topic- there is a chance that I know very little about your very specific focus, so use the essay as an opportunity to inform me about this particular cultural tradition.


  1. Make sure you read through your work and edit it. Do not submit an essay in rough draft form. I want to see clear, well organized essays.