Topic: Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook computers or tablets?
Due to rise in technology, there needs for the students and learning institutions to cope with the developments that are brought about by technology. As we always say. children are the co-leaders of tomorrow. Then there is a lot of need to emphasize on technology in the school so that one can fully be the apart of change we are anticipating. There has being recorded a lot of cases of students possessing notebook computer or tablets. Allowing these things in school has both negative and positive effects.
To start with are the positive effects of using notebook computers and tablets. Firstly, it induces future technology. Students are able to gain a lot of technology by use of notebook computers and tablets. They are able to get meaning of words just at the click of buttons, as opposed to searching relevant books that are giving the same information, of whom requires a lot of procedures and consumes a lot of time just to access them.
Secondly, they make life easier. Carrying books and texts to and fro the school is very tedious. It causes a lot of health problems and back pain as ones goes all through carrying this huge amount of books. It is also tedious to use pencil and paper not note all the notes down in a tutor class or lecture. Thus by use of these notebooks computers and tablets will ease the life of schooling. One can take audio-visual notes by using these gadgets.
Thirdly, it is a way of saying bye to paper or textbooks. Textbooks as we already know are very heavy to walk around with. Nevertheless, a lot of materials needs regular updating, thus by use of electronic they seem to be flexible to use that trying to edit what is in textbooks. These tablets and other electronic gadgets are suitable in saving real pictures, in that one can take the picture of vast area and save in those gadgets.
Despite the positive effects of using tablets and notebook computers, there are negative effects of these. These negative effects include the following. Firstly, they affects child mental thinking in that student can be easily linked to immoral in the society. These immoral include watching phonographic materials, drinking, and use of dirty language among others. How to create firewalls to control such epidemics is our major problem. So the best way to do away with this lot is to discourage the use of the same.
Secondly, they are very costly. In our schools we found that material of instruction is mostly obtained by parent’s contribution, by simply use of their pocket, which is a big burden to them. Introduction of this gadget will lead to more cost to such bodies. Though they are useful, it is my recommendation that these gadgets just to be owned by specific bodies only like school tutors and instructors.
Thirdly, these gadgets are horrible. Continuous staring at these gadgets makes ones brain cell to damage. There is also issue with causing eye problem, thus the future life of children will be much affected. It is my recommendation for different programs to be formulated so that gadgets can be checked not to affect life of children negatively.
In conclusion, after correcting those entire problem associated with introducing electronic gadgets in school, then it will be the best way ever to introduce these gadgets into school so that the learning can be easy and simple.