It’s Metro 2033 and the individuals are trying to run away from the radiation of where just a few individual mange to run away from it. Metro 2033 is a set of many stories which have a variety of genres ranging from post-apocalyptic action to romance. In addition the stories got something in similar derived from various authors. Metro 2033 was all was derived from the nuclear war that occurred in 2013 which forced the population of Moscow to hide in the underground metro stations in search of refuge from the outside.
This was due to inhaling the poisonous gasses that were emitted from the explosions. As they also settled I those stations, peace also was not guaranteed as we see the mutant animals destroying the so formed homes. These stations are guided by three factions, several of them are abandoned, while some were butchered by the mutants and afterwards they were occupied by them. However some stations formed an independent alliance this is where most of the events are unfold. Metro is not just a journey but has a lot of crazy events which delves into human psyche and explores the deepest fear. Of the human soul. Most of them are psychological.
As Artyom delves deeper he meets groups fighting ideologies that seem so ridiculous when few people have to defend against so many threats. In addition there are stations constantly attacked from mutants from the surface, plagues can decimate stations, and some sections have been closed off and disappear into legend.
The protagonist in the story was born during the holocaust where he was saved by a military officer of whom later raised him as his own father but he acted as an adopted child. Where later ii47 grew to become a security guard in the VDNKh. Life goes on where we see several events happening. It is after a lot of attempt to fight the threats where Sukhoi tends to give up on the fight. As it approached 2033, Artyom comes across a man called hunter who proposes to talk to Sukhoi together with his son. As they meet, it’s all in vain Sukhoi refuses to put a deal with hunter and it results that hunter haves a secret talk outside with Artyom. The community here are militants as we see when Artyom is born and he grows up to be a security guard.
There before Artyom together with his friends manages to enter the botanical gardens through a secret exist during the night. While they are there outside, hunter manages to make Artyom spill the beings about all that secret where they forgot to close the exist and the dark ones got a path to get in. Hunter promises to go into an exhibition on the plan to stop the dark ones from attacking the stations. The main threat to the inhabitants is not starvation, or even physical violence bur it is something intangible, indescribable and essentially psychological in nature When artyom escorts a caravan to a member of the VDNKh commonwealth as he meets bourbon in exchange of cartridges where Artyom is promised to be helped through some tunnels but later the promises ends up as bourbon dies and goes to insanity.
Artyom meets a stranger where the stranger reveals everything about the plan of bourbon to kill Artyom. They plan a route to polis in order to gather force to fend the monsters. When Artyom is fleeing he meets an old man where they help each other to get to the next destination. It is so much depressing as Artyom is a prophet of doom in metro 2033 as most of the individuals he meets end up dying or get wounded seriously. From the Artyom keeping the secret of having attended the botanical gardens of where later he explains to Bourbon displays that the humans here are secretive in their undertakings. Artyom had never shared with anyone else there before.
Artyom and Melnik make a plan to help VDNKh by going to D-6 and launching pre-war missiles to the Dark Ones’ lair. They begin their journey by traveling to Kievskaya. Here, Melnik inquires about a certain Tretyak and goes on a patrol with the security commander, Anton. They discuss several things, namely the disappearances of the station’s residents, and the conditions of the adjacent station, Park Pobedy, but there is no way in or out of the station. They return to the station and meet Treytak. As Artyom has no passport, Melnik and Tretyak venture to Mayakovskaya to look for an entrance to D-6. After one night, Artyom receives a message from Melnik telling him that Tretyak had been killed and that he would be back to the station in a day.
Artyom drops at paveletskaya where he befriends mark and they bet against the station chief to win visas to travel through Hanseatic League where if they lose they will shovel manure for a year. Artyom loses the bet and flees towards an unfinished tunnel where he meets brother timothy who offers him a shelter. Artyom becomes bored with the teachings and continues his journey to serpukhovskaya where at polyanka he gets a clue of a subway to the government buildings in case of an attack or a disaster. Later he meets Melnik who informs him of the council that same day to discuss the situation about outside polis. As brother timothy offers Artyom a shelter it portrays the hospitality of some of the individuals in metro 2033. It is until his own wish that he decides to leave without being forced by anybody.
During the meeting, Artyom tries to explain the situation back at home in attempt to seek help. At first they deny him the help but later a section of the council agrees to offer help and sends them to the library in such of a powerful book. The moment they get there they are attacked by the librarian creatures where Daniel is killed. However Artyom returns to Melnik with a map to direct him to the D-6. He goes via the surface alone where later he is rescued by the Melnik from the monsters. Going to D-6 is of attempt to help the VDNKh and launching pre-war missiles. Although at first they had denied him any help, later they agree to give him permission to have a visit to the library. The nature potrayed here is that of cooperativeness of the human beings in times of problems.
The monsters enters the metro-2 hence consuming humans and hypnotize them. They have now a task of Artyom finding a high point to direct the missiles while Melnik to find a room for the missiles to control them. He gives the coordinates to fire the missiles to the dark ones. Artyom gives the coordinate at the dark ones while on the end of ostankino tower as they pass through the VDNKh which is not doing well as they have been attacked by the dark ones as they had broken the guards and went to the living quarters.
The team eventually finds an entrance to Metro-2 they travel through the metro and pass under the Kremlin, whose metro-station contains a mutated bio-weapon that hypnotizes humans and consumes them. Oleg and two stalkers are killed by it. The group throws a flamethrower gas canister towards it and shoots it, which injures the monster and forces it to retreat, allowing the party to escape. Melnik then decides that Ulman, another stalker, and Artyom need to find a high point to direct the missiles while Melnik and the remaining stalkers will find the missile control room. Artyom and Ulman will give them coordinates to fire the missiles at the dark ones from Ostankino Tower. At this particular juncture we see the civilians being creative as they even tend to use coordinates which will be used to attack the enemy. They have to stand at a tower while the community to find a room to hide the equipment’s.
On the way there, they stop at VDNKh, which is not doing well because, since Artyom left, half the people are gone, and sometimes the dark ones break through the guard posts and make their way to the living quarters. Once they make their way to the top of the Ostankino Tower, they transmit the coordinates. At that very moment, Artyom has a vision from the dark ones, who tell him that they just wanted to cooperate with humans and the killing was just an attempt to communicate with them. But when Artyom regains self-control, the Botanical Gardens are already destroyed by the missiles. Realising that the Dark Ones were killed in vain, Artyom tears his mask in agony for what he has done and heads back home. From this situation we have to get that the individual are so protective such that they have the guard posts for their own protection.
The nature of human beings in the metro 2033 is so superstitious of whereby we see the characters are coming up with imaginable thing called the dark ones which destroy human beings. Also we tend to know that the community is so much illiterate as we see Artyom being accompanied by other men to the library. Here they are going to find the solution to the existing problem facing the people of Menlik.
It is a fascinating story which starts small in a cramped, dimly lit and constantly threatened metro station platform and expands outwards in a way that is so entertaining and appealing to the reader. We see how people adopted to such state of living underground as a result of the threats.
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