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# 1
I like the Cui’s family very much on the ground that their meal consists of familiar foodstuffs. Here below is a brief description of their lifestyle. They live in the rural setting of China. They have small detached rooms in which they practice small-scale farming. Their kitchen garden provides precious food that is mostly cultivated from the surrounding environment. Fruits also make a big chunk of the food portion. The family spending on food is in the region of $65 weekly. The family gets financial support from Wu Xianglian who is their only working son. Therefore, they have to strategize methods of ensuring that their small income sufficiently caters for all the family’s needs. Food choice is crucial for a healthy family. The family gets corn from their farm as well as other fruits. Using food from the own farm is critical since it reduces the family’s expesnes. In addition, I like traditional food very much because they have a low likelihood of imposing diseases to feeders.
The Revis’ food strikes me a lot. A bit on the family characteristics, they live in North Carolina, USA. Their meal consists of processed food, and that strikes me. They spend an estimate of $342 weekly. These foodstuffs boast of the high amount of sugar content, which in turn is harmful to the health of an individual. When comparing the two families, Revis’ and Cui’s, the difference exist concerning the source of food. Cui’s uses natural food accrued from their corn field and kitchen farm. The vegetables and fruits are ever fresh. When the high amount of calories are consumed regularly, the chances of contracting obesity increases, and that is something I loathe. It is a condition, which is deemed to be a silent killer. It kills people and lowers the self-esteem of the victims.
When comparing the Cui and Revis’ family, the former uses less money as compared to the later. Furthermore, they live healthily and intake low amount of calories. It increases their chances of living a long life. Revis, on the other hand, risks many diseases, since they consume processed food, which has various health risks.
# 2
The most common food I eat is noodles. I value it because it is fast to make and can be eaten anytime. Furthermore, it is made from simple ingredients such as wheat or rice. The ingredients that are used to make noodles such as wheat, rice, or mung bean starch pass through a series of steps before reaching the consumers. Wheat undergoes industrial processing as well as rice. Then the milling company sells it to the retailers who thereafter sell it to customers such as hotels that use the same to produce noodles. Therefore, I conclude that noodles undergo a series of handlers before they are delivered to the final consumer.
The roundup of ingredients required to make noodles include flour, salt, eggs, a cup of water, vegetable oil, and rice or wheat.  The ingredients are far much simple and readily available in the market. It is simple to make. The ingredients that can be quoted to be unhealthy in this case is oil, which can be controlled through the use of appropriate amount. It undergoes processing as well as wheat or rice. The handlers are quite high before it reaches the destination. It undergoes the industrial processes before it reaches the retailers and then users. The good thing is that it is usually sealed tight and anyone cannot have easy of access to the content. Once unsealed, reselling it is impossible. Therefore, it is a safe commodity regardless of how many handlers it undergoes. I approximate at least 50 people get to touch the packaged noodles before it reaches the final consumer. Noteworthy, the prepared food can also be retailed to various people. Noodles are fast, cheap, and are made from locally available ingredients, which is why I like it. Also, it is the typical food I came to know from my childhood stage.
# 3
Lane County, Oregon has worrisome statistics on the food insecurity. The 2016 statistics in Lane County show that 20% of the households were below the federal poverty line. Another 23% of the households did not meet the basic costs of living. Therefore, a total of 43% of the population struggle to meet the basic needs in the Lane County. The value is quite high, and it is a point of concern.
The number of individuals in Lane County who are worried about their next meal is indicative of food insecurity in the region; thus high poverty rate in the area. The statistics are surprising. It is because the USA is a first world nation and I believe that such areas should not have such worrisome statistics. A country like America should have almost everyone having access to the basic needs that is food, shelter, and clothing. The basics should not be a point of discussion.
Food for Lane County is a program aimed at helping the individuals within the region on matters related to the food issues. In their program, they provide emergency food for the needy and offers advice on healthy food choices. Also, they advise on matters related to budgeting. In general, the statistics are worrisome, and anything should be done, either from federal or state level.