West Virginia University Infractions Review
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West Virginia University Infractions Review
All legal resolutions passed should be clear and concise to enable for their future applications. Basically, in the decision following the review of West Virginia University, the language used is not sufficient enough to create a measurable outcome that can be used in future cases. In brief, the report is vague as it did not state if West Virginia University gained enough recruiting advantage. Consequently, the report’s argument fails to offer a clear spelt out threshold on what is ‘minimal’ or ‘substantial’ in its admission. Therefore, this leaves some degree of vagueness in the determination of the advantages that the university experienced.
Since the violations were described as a violation of NCAA Level II and Level III guidelines as they occurred before and after 30th October 2010, a clear report should have been issued to act as a guide for similar cases in future (NCAA, 2015). Notably, suppose another case presented itself after this ruling; what will be the judgement? Definitely, this will call for another set of ruling and the West Virginia University will not be used as a benchmark. Additionally, the instruction for the two-year probation to any student-athletes on paid visit does not have any impact on those who were considered by clubs after the initial contact from the university. Accordingly, this appears to be a biased ruling. Moreover, the claim by coaches to either being ignorant of the NCAA legislation is not a justified avenue to have a lessened penalty. Noteworthy, ignorance is never a defence.
In conclusion, the language used in the ruling is not authoritative enough to command the strictness needed to set a precedent for future cases. Importantly, the ruling appears to be sympathetic to the offender. Consequently, it is important that this ruling should be reviewed to establish more deterrent measures for similar offences.
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