Ethics is a set of standard rules of good conduct that governs a person or a member of a profession. A correction officer is one who is held to a high level compared to the public. An officer takes an oath to serve and protect the public. Most facilities have SOPs that regulates what can be done and what cannot be done by an officer. It is the responsibility of an officer to know the ethical behavior. An officer should conduct him/herself properly both in private and public domain. An officer should not have a relationship with an inmate, whether it is counsel or not, it is illegal and the officer accused should be prosecuted (American Correctional Association, 2013, p. 21).
The steps that should be taken in such scenarios are to look into the officer’s personal life. Stella is emotionally vulnerable to inmate relationship due to either or some of the reasons such as; poor relationship with the family, she could have discovered infidelity in her partner, a divorce or family conflict can lead her to an inmate relationship. Stella needs to watch when her personal life is in disorder. Stella trusted me and shared her story, I will advise her to constantly and privately shares her problems with either me or any other trusted friend for advice. Stella needs to stay away from manipulative inmates. Manipulative inmates will study her actions and beliefs for their own benefits. To be safe and stay away from inmate relationships, Stella should not accept any favor from any inmate, it is against regulations. Stella needs to create boundaries in relationships with inmates by being firm, fair, and consistent actions and words. If Stella finds herself attracted to a specific inmate, then she should request to be re-assigned to elsewhere (Speedup career, 2014).
Whenever the inmate comes to her mind, she should change her ways of thinking and think of other positive things, adjust location and position. Stella should avoid written communications at all cost; this can be used as evidence against her. In this case Stella should go to the management and to the courts. Courts are in most cases very lenient to repentant transgressors. The inmate too should do the same. If Stella fails to report the matter, then I need to take the responsibility and report the issue. By reporting the matter to the relevant authorities, keeps us (Stella, the inmate and me) safe. All options should be exhausted including counseling, employee assistance or legal assistance (Clinn, 2011).
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