We have to do part 2.Assignment Part 2 – Individual stakeholder analysis and requirements gathering report plus self- reflection reportThis is an individual assignment. It is not a group assignment. Assume that your OBC has been accepted, and that LHF and the local businesses have approved the funds you requested. The project has now started, and you are working alone on the stakeholder engagement component. The project sponsor has asked you to undertake a detailed stakeholder analysis for the project using a power/interest grid. You have been asked to justify each entry by explaining why you have assigned each stakeholder their position on the grid/matrix. You must also list the stakeholder engagement strategies that you are recommending. You should also design one requirements-gathering tool/technique that would be appropriate for your project. In addition to the details of the instrument you should include information such as the target group, how you would go about administering the tool/technique, and any other pertinent information. Support your answer with reference to theory and practice.As part of your own self-development, you have also been asked by your professional mentor to create a self-reflection report that looks back on your performance in the group work when completing the OBC, and on your solo work when creating the detailed stakeholder analysis.