Inequality in the workplace is one of the major challenges that are derailing overall performance of a country in terms if economy. It is because some productive groups in the society are barred from participating in the affair due to segregation. Individuals in the community who are privileged fail to notice the challenges that other under-privileged go through hence assuming that everything is normal. It is, therefore, the responsibility of management to ensure that awareness meetings and campaigns are regularly scheduled to curb forms of inequality in the job market.
Why Inequality Exists in the Workplace
People seek for employment in the community to improve their living standards as well as maintaining the economic challenges that are prevalent in the contemporary world (Mehroz Baig, 2014). However, finding a job in the labor market of today needs networking. Inequality exists not only in the workplace but also in discovery of that particular job. It is encouraged by favoritism whereby a certain group of people in the community already in the job market will help their community members to secure jobs at the expense of other communities (Mehroz Baig, 2014). It, therefore, indicates that inequality is advanced by the systematic advantage that one community has to the other community. Networking being the core factor in securing a job, it fosters inequality because society still segregates lives (Mehroz Baig, 2014).
On the other hand, inequality can be encouraged by the fact that some positions in the workplace are filled with either men or women due to choice, obligation or exclusion (Mehroz Baig, 2014). Concerning the factors, men will tend to focus in the occupations that are perceived to be affiliated to men and similarly, women will concentrate on occupations that are believed to be associated with them. It, therefore, eventually amounts to occupational segregation (Mehroz Baig, 2014). There are instances that women are paid less when they perform a similar task to their male counterparts in what is referred to as wage discrimination. Wage discrimination will definitely amount to inequality in the place of work (Mehroz Baig, 2014).
Solutions to Inequality in the Work Place
To eradicate inequality in the job market, the problem must be approached right from schools (Economic Forum, 2016). Both boys and girls should be taught to aim for careers that are ambitious to help them to earn better pay in future and most importantly, girls should be taught to negotiate and champion their rights as well. Gender equality should be part of curriculum and training in education whereby both girls and boys should be taught to choose careers (Economic Forum, 2016).
Awareness campaigns and meetings should be regularly organized in the workplace to deal with inequality (Economic Forum, 2016). It is because some people who have privileges such as men or any other dominant community in the career setup will not notice problems with the way things are. Seminars and frequent awareness campaigns will help solve inequalities in the work place by creating equal opportunities for all regardless of race or gender (Economic Forum, 2016).
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