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Inmarsat Aviation
What is the marcomms problem for Inmarsat?
The marketing communications issue that Inmarsat faced is that they found it challenging to interact with an audience who they knew little about. It is always important to know one’s target audience through various aspects such as their age, culture, or preferences, among others (Luxton, Reid & Mavondo, 2015). This enables companies to develop effective communication strategies to attract customers.
What key factors should be considered about Inmarsat and their audience?
One of the main factors to consider is that Inmarsat’s target audience were puzzled about technology as they had found out after carrying out the research. Another factor is that Inmarsat’s audience are totally unaware of the company’s venture in aviation passenger broadband. Most importantly, Inmarsat’s potential customers are individual decision makers with a huge influence on the airline companies they work for. What is more one of their main roles is to promote passenger experience by engaging in marketing and product innovation.
How would you go about developing a positioning to convey leadership and bold vision for Inmarsat Aviation?
To come up with positioning to show leadership and bold vision for Inmarsat Aviation, it is important to go beyond the expectations. For instance, one can engage in deep market research to determine who the competitors are and the nature of the market. With this type of knowledge, Inmarsat can come up with a competitive advantage that will help their product to stand out.
What would be the key communication message? How would you differentiate their message to customers?
The main message would be how Inmarsat Aviation’s airline passenger broadband enhanced air travel and how it is unique compared to other tech-based competitors who are known already. The message should also include the various ways that Inmarsat Aviation seeks to ensure that their product meets the passengers’ needs in the future. The message can be differentiated to customers by relaying what is relevant to each target audience.
What mar-comm strategies and tools would you recommend? Why?
I would recommend advertising as a mar-comm strategy and tool for Inmarsat Aviation. Advertising is one of the most effective ways to make the target audience know about the product that you are selling (Aaker & Biel, 2013). Given that Inmarsat’s customers have no knowledge about the company’s venture into passenger broadband, using various media platforms can play a significant role in creating awareness about Inmarsat Aviation.
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