The lecture by Russell Dixon on the challenges and opportunities in the real estate business gave me important insight into issues I should consider when purchasing a property. Dixon is the Executive Managing Director and Chairman at RedHill Capital Partners (Bloomberg). He doubles as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RedHill Group of Companies. Additionally, he is the founder of RedHill Realty Investors Limited Partnership (LP), where he serves as the CEO and Managing Principal (Bloomberg). He also holds many other senior positions in RedHill Company and in its subsidiaries, which enable him to mobilize resources for the company.
His early career strategically placed him into real estate business. He worked as a tenured CEO of TWC Advisors, and as the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hanes Company Realty Group, Inc. (Bloomberg). He later worked as the National Managing Director for Insignia/ ESG (NYSE), where he had responsibility for the company’s equity, debt, and its financial structure (Bloomberg). Before joining Insignia, he was the Co-Managing Director of CBRE’s Major Accounts and Institutional divisions. Accordingly, his early professional years equipped him with appropriate skills that have since enabled him to grow RedHill Realty Investment Management, LLC.
RedHill Realty Investment Management, LLC’s. strategies resonate with Dixon’s character and beliefs. In particular, Dixon is diligent and professional in his work, which is evidenced by his career as a consistent high-performing worker. Currently, his company sources an excess of $1billion in assets weekly, which shows its excellence in its operations (Bloomberg). Importantly, Dixon notes that the likelihood of it finding a market for its houses determines the decision of where his company invests. Similarly, RedHill also builds and sells homes in each market depending on the purchasing power of the target customers. Accordingly, Dixon’s lecture was important in making me realize the need of knowing the purchasing power of my clients when deciding the products I will sell to
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