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Integrated Marketing Tactics
My advert is on Coffee and Tea sold by Press Coffee Co. Press Coffee Co. is located in Rochester, New York and it specializes in the selling of coffee. The business is always open from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday (Yelp, 2017). However, it is always closed on Saturday, and on Sunday it opens from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
The advert will have a background of roasted coffee seeds. This background will show that it will be an advert specific to coffee drinks. In the advert itself, there will be various types of drinks and desserts served at Press Coffee Company. They will also show the interior of the store, including its comfortable seats, beautiful lounge, and friendly servers.
The advert will be epitomized by the play of hip-hop and classical music. This type of music is common in New York and will enable the audience to relate to Press Coffee Company easily. In this case, there will be a background play of hip-hop music that will be slightly mixed with classic songs. Importantly, the songs will aim at enabling the listeners to relax and make the coffee house appear like a beautiful place they have visited before.
On the overall, the advert will aim at creating a feeling of joy. In this case, the advert will show people laughing as they engage each other in interesting conversation. The advert will also show individuals enjoying themselves as they engage in their private activities with their tablets and laptops.
The advert will leave its audience with a sweet taste. In this case, viewers will be shown the tasty desserts and pastries served at the store. Also, there will be a description of the mouthwatering servings in the store.
Similarly, the audience will be left with a sweet smell. The advert will state that Press Coffee always sells freshly prepared pastries that have a tantalizing aroma. This feeling will be epitomized with the show of hot steaming tea and colorfully decorated coffee that would be accompanied with various pastries.
Tactical Description
The advertisement will always be played in the morning and evening. These times are usually the peak hours when individuals are listening to the evening and morning news. Therefore, the airing of the advert during a mid-show break will enable most of the audience to listen to it. Equally important, the advert will be short and specific. Usually, individuals get bored with listening to too many adverts and switch off to other stations (Holm, 2006). Consequently, the use of a short and precise advert will enable the audience to hear all its content.
The advertisement will aim at attracting visitors from all parts of the state. In light of this, the advert will be played in stations that have national coverage. This strategy will enable potential visitors from all parts of the state to be aware of the coffee house and make it its preferred location when they are in Rochester.
Another important aspect of the advertisement will be localization. In this case, the advert will be broadcast in various tones and descriptions depending on the station that is broadcasting. All stations target a specific category of audiences; therefore, I will allow the radio stations to present the advert in a manner that best fits their audience. For example, in a station whose main audiences are young adults, the station will mainly aim at describing the aspects of fun in the coffee house. On the other hand, stations that mainly deal with elderly population will describe the friendly and polite servers in the coffee house.
Finally, the advert will be short and read in a simple and clear language. The reason for the selection of simple and common vocabularies will be ensuring that all listeners can understand the advert (Holm, 2006). The choice of a short advertisement will be ensuring that the audience does not get bored when listening to the advert.
The script will give a detailed description of the environment of the advert. In this case, the advertisement will have a coffee background, which will be essential in showing that it will be marketing coffee drinks and pastries. In addition, it will describe the coffee house sitting arrangements, accessibility, prices, and caring servants.
The script will also describe the friendly visitors that come to the premises. These individuals will be able to attract other customers since they will make the coffee house to have a reputation for satisfying its customers.
The script will also be written in a simple but clear language. The use of simple script will be ensuring all audiences understand the advert. Importantly, the script will use some common slang words used in New York to enhance its localization (Holm, 2006). This message will enable New Yorkers to embrace the coffee house.
Finally, the script will be short and flexible. The use of a short script will be ensuring that the advert is short and precise. Additionally, it will be flexible to provide the advertising stations with the flexibility to modify the advert so that their audiences can embrace the advert.
Overall, the advert for Press Coffee Co. will be structured in a simple and flexible manner so that all its target audience can understand its message. The advert will be cast on the company’s beautiful premises and will describe its wide variety pastries, smoothies, tea, and coffee drinks. This advert will be informative and will encourage guests to visit the coffee house and enjoy its tasty meals.
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