Question 1
The relation that a particular country, say the U.S, has with other countries influences our daily lives in the following ways:
To begin with, international relations affect the security measures and legislations of our country. Terrorism is a scourge that has led to tightened security measures and an increase in the war on terrorism, either abroad or within the country. This worries me because there are some measures that bar traveling which means altering my life in one way or another. Furthermore, there is the concern for relatives who are abroad either for business, adventure, and tourism or as soldiers. In this regard, the impact is negative because nothing associated with terrorism is meant for the general good of humanity.
The second impact of international relation regards my career and employment. Considering that I work in an international organization, there is always the concern of what is happening in the different countries the organization has a foothold on. The different countries are directly related such that an event in one country will affect all the employees from the other countries. If there were government sanctions and policies that would be implemented that do not favor our activities in one country, all the other branches worldwide would be affected. On the other hand, if the policies were to favor our operations, all the other branches worldwide would feel the effect. Therefore, the effects can either be positive or negative depending on the nature of the event.
Finally, international relations affect the pricing of commodities that we basically need. The price of fuel, gas, flour etc. all depend on international relations. A weak U.S dollar will result in higher prices while a strong one would reduce the price of commodities. It, in turn, affects our daily habits on matters such as meals, traveling etc.
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