Your task is to enhance sales for your company utilizing e-commerce marketing initiatives.  Your project focus should involve an existing company or utilize a hypothetical company and incorporate the utilization of a website.
You should prepare a final report that describes your company, (e.g. its products/services) and the e-commerce tactics you used to market it.  These tactics of course should be connected to the final sales process.
The major focus of your project is describing the utilization of marketing concepts/tactics to communicate your company’s offerings to customers to ultimately increase traffic and drive sales.  You can promote one major product or your whole company’s offerings.
In your choice of marketing techniques/strategies you should include at least 3 different e-commerce marketing tactics to drive traffic and sales at your site.
Your report should describe your implementation of these tactics and should mention potential obstacles/shortcomings of the initiative.
Your marketing project should also contain an effectiveness section in which you measure the effectiveness (market reaction) to your strategies. Remember, you don’t market blindly and assume that your initiatives are successful.  The benefit to internet marketing is that you can measure your activities.  You are not expected to do any actual marketing activities and measure actual metrics, but you are to provide realistic hypothetical internet marketing concepts. Your final report should be no longer than 10 pages.
You are required to email me your company (products/services) that you plan on marketing via e-commerce initiatives by November 4.
Paper Format
Paper length should come in about 10 (double spaced) pages but not more.   You should include a table of contents which is not part of the 10 pages.  If you need to include content longer than 10 pages include it in an appendix. Your paper format should follow the guidelines listed:
Introduction/Background section to the company you are focusing on.
The activities you have initiated to enter the digital economy (e.g. site related issues)
Describe the e-commerce marketing tactics you will pursue to accomplish your initiative (e.g. what type of advertising and tactical strategies are you adopting).  This should be the longest part of your project paper.  Not only mention your tactics but describe the process on how you will carry them out, and why you chose them.  Remember, it’s not just using a tactic, but using it correctly.
Lastly, include an analytical section (e.g. measure the success or weakness of your tactics) and explain why they were successful and why they may not have been successful.  Remember, not all internet marketing is effective. Your project is based on hypothetical activities (e.g. you do not have the time to conduct actual marketing).  Make sure to incorporate class concepts in your project focus.