Summary Interview
Interview Summary
The interviewee was the Chief Clinical Officer, Mary-Beth Newell of the Dycora Transitional Health and Living center. The interview focused on quality care and safety of the patient. The target was a top management member who is well articulated with ensuring that quality care and safety of the patients is emphasized in the health care system (Myers, 2012). As found out from the interview, the role involves a combination of authoritative and coaching initiatives to ensure that the execution team is up to the task. Besides, the task requires someone who is motivated to view life as something that needs to be improved and given utmost quality and safety, especially for the poor people (Rollnick, Miller & Butler, 2008).
According to the interviewee, quality of life for the affected patients is applied wholly both for the short stay and long stay patients. This process involves ensuring that the environment they stay is safe and devoid of any materials both solid and liquid that may result to patient injuries (Myers, 2012). The basic aspect, in this case, is ensuring that life of the patient is enjoyed and given the meaning it deserves. In addition, as a way of ensuring the sustenance of the safety measures developed in the system, there should be metrics that help ascertain the quality of life and patient safety standards are attained. This involves the integration of several stakeholders such as the facility’s management and the government that works to support quality and safety activities (Rollnick, Miller & Butler, 2008). Finally, staffs are also critical components of the quality and safety as they are the central units to ensuring success is attained in the process of seeking high standards of quality and safety for patients.
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