Interview with Finance Professional
For your Informational Interview with a Professional in Management and Finance:
• How did you decide on the person you interviewed? Where does this person
work and what is her job title and responsibilities?
• What value do you believe you gained from the conversation that will help
you in your future role as a manager?
• Develop a list of questions that you will ask during your informational
interview. Be sure to discuss topics that were covered in the course.
• The time you spend in the interview will depend on your arrangement with the
person you are interviewing as well as the depth and breadth of your
• Be sure to do your homework and record relevant information so you can
develop your written report.
• Don’t forget to send a handwritten thank-you to the person that you
For the written report:
• Find at least one resource in the online library or credible online resource related
to women in management and finance to further explore an aspect related to
women in management. Take notes on what you read about to incorporate into
your essay. You are welcome to include other sources.
• Integrate the learning from your interview and your online research into a
polished essay with bibliography.
Your 2-3 page, double-spaced, 12-font, page-numbered essay with 1-inch margins
needs to include the following components:
1) Introduction: Describe who you chose for your interview and why. Define the
aspect of women in management and finance you researched and why you are
interested in learning about this aspect.
2) Body: Discuss and summarize the findings for your interview and online
resources, integrating discussion with documentation and examples of key
discussion points.
3) Summary: Discuss your learning from this experience and demonstrate how you
might apply this learning to your life as a woman in management and finance.
Describe how this learning helps you with your development as a woman in
management. Identify other aspects you now want to research and learn about
as a result of this experience to help you with your development as a manager.