Proper writing skills today are as important as they used to be in the past. In fact, with the current trend, the need for proper writing skills may exceed those that needed in yester years. To begin with, currently individuals write more than they used to do in the past. These writings are either formal or informal such as letters, text messages, e-mails, and blogs. It is no wonder that employers always want to know if potential employees have this skill during job recruitment.
One of the major importance of proper writing skills is the ability to explain ideas and persuade people to agree to certain ways. Writing just like all other forms of communications aims at passing out various messages based on the author’s opinion. Nonetheless, it is only through a well-structured script that clearly explains all issues in the simplest yet clearest manner that individuals can be coerced to either agree or disagree with the writer’s opinion. Overly, the manner in which the message is written plays a major role in convincing the audience to agree with the writer. In light of this, a proper document first introduces and explains various facts, this is followed by placement of the author’s argument, and finally, it uses appropriate examples to make the work clearer.
For example, Rowling on her speech, Importance of Imagination, presented in the 2008 Harvard graduation ceremony uses a systematic approach, in which she introduces and explains the importance of imagination in tackling everyday challenges. Prudently, Rowling starts the speech by talking about her experience on campus and the challenges she faced after finishing school. In particular, she notes that it was hard for her to find a job, and the difficulty she faced at that time. It is worth noting that she uses an organized pattern that enables the reader to understand every detail in the speech.
In addition to the above, proper writing consolidates ideas and ensures that all facts are clearly discussed. In a persuasive essay, for example, it is important for the author to provide ideas that lead to his or her current opinion. Generally, this is only possible if the author can be able to consolidate his/her thoughts and form a sound conclusion based on the presented facts. Notably, the ability of the author to consolidate ideas of a given event enables him/her to present a detailed description of the particular scene. Description of events is particularly important since it enables the reader to sympathize with the author and have an image of the situation been described. Further, the ability of the writer to consolidate all ideas ensures that all facts are considered and the subsequent conclusions are suitable to deal with the underlying problem. White is highly skillful in the use of this method and he repeatedly uses it in his work. In his text, One More to the Lake, he is able to make the reader have an imaginary view of the camp where he and his son stayed. “I guess I remembered clearest of all the early mornings, when the lake was cool and motionless, remembered how the bedroom smelled of the lumber it was made of and the wet woods whose scent entered through the screen…” (White 1).
Writing well prevents confusion on the message that is been communicated. Proper writing skills enable the writer to have an organized form of thinking. It is through an organized line of thought that the writer is able to form conclusions and opinions that match the message in his/her text. Moreover, proper writing skills enable the writer to identify potential areas that the audience may have difficulty in understanding the underlying message. In such cases, the author can place various examples to ensure that his/her work is clear.
Capturing the audience attention is one salient skill of proper writing. A properly written script should be able to make the audience desire to read more of what the author has written. In this manner, a properly written document enables an audience to know as much detail on the subject under discussion by capturing its interest. Notably, it is only when the audience is properly interested in the subject that they may have a lasting memory of the matter been discussed and ideas that have been shared. In order to capture the audience attention, Rowling uses humor and presents her speech with the view of a graduate audience. She uses sarcasm, which is both interesting and enlightening on the importance of a memorable speech. “Reflecting on her speech has helped me enormously in writing this one, because it turns out that I can’t remember a single word she said. This liberating discovery enables me to proceed without any fear…”
Proper writing skills enable an author to get feedback from the audience. Writing, just like other forms of communication is always an interaction between various individuals. Consequently, a writer always expects to get various feedbacks from the audience in order to evaluate if his/her message is understood or misinterpreted. Noteworthy, these feedbacks enable the author to clarify certain points and make them clearer. Unfortunately, in the case of poorly written documents there is no feedback since the message is vague.
Similarly, proper writing skills enable the author to focus on reader’s needs. A skillful writer should be able to tailor his message to address the specific needs of the audience. For example, if the audiences are doctors, it is relevant for the writer to address them on issues relating to medicine. On the contrary, if the audiences are students, the author should address them on issues relating to education.
On the same accord, proper writing enables the author to empathize with the audience. Notably, this occurs when the author identifies the language skills of the audience and uses the necessary tone and language proficiency. When a writer is writing a message to the various audience, he/she must consider their ease of understanding the language and their underlying situation. For example, if the message is addressed to convicts or patient’s the author should empathize with their sad situation. Further, he/she should also consider the limitations of the audience in these locations such their freedom of movements. Similarly, a writer should consider the age and language skills of the audience. Evidently, a message intended for middle-level school should not have the same language complexity as that intended for postgraduate students.
Finally, one of the most important skills of proper writing is the ability to develop the authors thinking skills and language skills. During the writing process, the writer is always with the challenge of ensuring that his/her message is written in the clearest manner possible. Writing in this style requires critical thinking which develops the author’s intellectual capacity. On the same breath, given that for an author to write a coherent document he/she must research a lot, he/she gets an opportunity to learn new words and knowledge that develops their intelligence and capacity to use various language techniques.
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