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Knocked Up/Doctor Patient Communication
Part 1
As the loved one to Alison, the interaction with the physician makes me feel terrible and confused. To start with, the doctor comes in rushing and starts giving instructions without informing anyone of what is happening. I think it is important for the doctors to communicate the course of action they are taking in an emergency to the patients or their family. Failure to do so makes the patients see as if they have no options and only the doctors can make a decision and that is how I feel in this case. In addition, the doctor is rude and this aggravates my anger but I have to stay calm for the sake of Alison and the baby. He does not want to listen to my Alison’s birth plan so I have to make him understand by asking him politely to speak with me outside. After our small talk outside, I realize that the doctor could be more frustrated as I was and he is also interested in delivering the baby safely. Eventually, he agrees to talk to Alison and explain why he made that decision but Alison is already upset.
Part 2
As the physician, my main concern as I interact with Alison and her loved one is how the baby will be delivered safely. Given that it is an emergency, I have to do as much as I can for safe delivery and the patient and her husband’s opinion does not really matter at this moment. I need to make a decision that according to me will have positive rather than negative results. I feel angry because Alison seems not to realize the situation she is currently in at the moment by asking for priorities. Nevertheless I eventually realize that I have been mean to the both of them since I did not care to listen to their demands at first and I apologize.