• Select an article from the choices in the assessment tool of the blackboard.


  • Read the article thoroughly.


  • Prepare a 3 page paper, typed in a traditional 12-point font and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. The paper should consist of five sections as follows:


  • Cover page including:
    • Assignment Title (include title of article)
    • Course Name
    • Course Number
    • Your name
    • Date


  • Summary
    • Include in-text citations for quotes and paraphrasing
      • A good website for help with in-text citation formatting is:


  • Critical Evaluation
    • Address practical applications for physical education instruction for ALL students.


  • Personal Response

What are your own personal thoughts/responses to this article?

  • Reference
    • Use proper formatting in proper APA style for the complete citation
      • A good website for help with reference list citation formatting is:


  • Be prepared to present the article and your response to the class for discussion.

*******Note: Please use a bold heading for each of the sections of the paper – summary, critical evaluation, personal response, and reference*********************You have all needed information to include a REFERENCE – If not included, 8 points deducted.