Individual Assignment 1, due in Drop box, Week 4:  I have gone to the web looking for free web sites for the 10 personality tests below, offered here for your convenience.  You are expected to do the first three tests, as well as three more from the rest.  Thus you are doing six tests in total.
In one single file in Dropbox, you will provide your findings and thoughts from 6 tests.
I.e. For EACH of these six tests, you will need to provide the following.
1/ What the test is supposed to indicate, in general – what is the purpose of the test?
2/ What did you score on each of the tests, and given the scores, what does each of the tests suggest about you?
3/ Do you agree with the suggestions?  Does it explain something about you that “makes sense”?   Give real life examples of why, or why not.
4/ What is your opinion on the validity of these tests to decide on whether you can work with other people?  Would they help you work with other people?
5/ Would they help you understand yourself better, or explain yourself to people better?
Here are the tests, and WARNING: “Free” web sites sometimes try to get you to click on ads, spam… you know better, right?   Stay on the path.  Don’t pay for anything.  Take the tests, get results, and look up what it means.
Kolb’s Learning Styles Questionnaire
MBTI Myers Briggs Indicator
Test and explanations at many sites.  Google for it.
Big 5 Personality Test
Locus of Control Personality Test
Risk Taking
Type A Personality Test
Emotional Intelligence Test
Self Esteem Personality Test
Self Monitoring