Leadership skills are best nurtured through practice. While helping at Talon Innovators during my management class project, I was privileged to be involved in an inventory management assignment. The primary purpose of this project was to develop an inventory management schedule that would be used to determine the optimal stock levels in the company. Additionally, Talon would introduce vertical storage racks to increase space utilization in the warehouse, ease tracking of products, and reduce cases of misplaced items. Jen Weisz led this task, and three of my group members and I assisted him in various activities. Weisz was cooperative as she provided us with date needed to develop an inventory management table. She is the company’s buyer/material supervisor.
During the project, we developed an inventory management schedule by considering the minimum, maximum, and average stock levels for each item. The success of the assignment was facilitated by the cooperation of all members. In particular, all group’s members were diligent, which enabled us to complete the task. However, we had to visit the site a few times and remain focused on our primary objective. Weisz was helpful, and she provided us with materials needed for the task. As a result, the entire group was self-motivated and cooperative.
The given task was particularly useful in enabling me to discover my weakness in communication skills. During the start of the project, I was unable to communicate properly with all my colleagues; however, as we progressed, I developed most of these skills and was able to interact with the rest of the group easily. I also learned that one must be empathetic to others when assisting with them since all people have different and unique characters. The communication skills that I gained during this project will assist me to strengthen my leadership skills by helping me to interact with my followers.
In future, I will involve all of my group’s members in the development of action plans for each task. When assisting at Talon Company, I observed that all my teammates were cooperative since they had contributed to the preparation of the project. Importantly, the consideration of the views of all individuals participating in any activity in an organization reduces oversight costs and bolsters teamwork.