There is need for leaders to balance the changing work environment while still maintaining operational values. Leaders achieve this through following the laid down criminal justice values. Even with the changing environment, the operational values in criminal justice remain the same and this ensures that leaders can balance even with the changing work environment. Some of the values in the criminal justice include equality of justice under the law, equal access to justice, honesty and integrity, pursuit of excellence, importance of the individual and Public Safety (, 2017). The value on equality of justice ensures that people are given equal justice regardless of race, gender, political affiliation or any other factor. On the other hand, the public safety value ensures that criminal justice officers do not bleach in any way the safety of the publics.
While trying to strike the balance, leaders are likely to face a number of challenges. To begin with, the public may not be willing to change and conform to the changing environment. In this case, the public are likely to follow some of the past concepts while disregarding the changing values in the service. The result is increased conflict between the criminal justice officers and the public they serve.
The challenge can be overcome through investing in civil education to teach the public about the changing environment of criminal justice. Most people take long before they learn of changes in the values and concepts in the field of criminal justice. This results in breaking the new laws. The solution to the continued breaking of laws is training the public when laws change.
References (2017). Core Values | USAO-WDTN | Department of Justice. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017].

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