Leadership: What’s Love Got to Do With It? by Arthur J. Athens
The article “Leadership: What’s Love Got to Do With It?” by Arthur J. Athens is informative and enables an individual to understand the factors that lead to a robust and able leadership. The author notes that a leader should be competent, courageous, and compassionate so as to influence and inspire the followers. In the article, Athens relates his experiences and those of other senior military officers to illustrate the relationship between leadership and the above attributes.
Athens highlights an interesting relationship between leaders and love for followers by implying it is impossible for the former to influence the latter if the two do not have affection for each other. He uses the observation made by General Lejeune to explain this relationship. According to Lejeune, a marine put his life in danger to save that of his sergeant during World War I because of their great friendship (Athens, 2008). From Lejeune’s record, Athens shows that a leader’s love for his/her team makes his/her followers more cooperative and willing to sacrifice themselves for the organization.
Competence is another attribute of a leader that Athens explains. He is careful to note that leaders should not tolerate any form of mediocrity and underperformance; rather, they should instill competent skills into their followers and train them lovingly (Athens, 2008). Additionally, he notes that leaders should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the team. Athens opines that such conduct will inspire team members to do the same for the organization. In this regard, Athens concludes that leaders must love the junior to motivate them.
In future, I will work as a quality control engineer and have the duty of ensuring that my juniors manufacture high-quality products. Accordingly, my work will entail inspecting the quality of finished items to make sure that they comply with customers’ specifications. I will establish proper leadership skills to guide my followers appropriately. In particular, I will have the attributes of courage, competence, and compassion, which will create unity and love among all team members. Consequently, my team members will selflessly sacrifice their time and effort to enable the organization to achieve its objectives.
I will have the courage to defend my juniors in any task in the firm. In this case, I will take responsibility for any calamity or loss that may arise when my team members are implementing their responsibilities. Since I will be working as a quality control engineer, once I approve certain products to have satisfied the customer’s requirements, I will take responsibility for any mistake that may appear in the final products. Additionally, I will design mechanisms to avoid errors and ensure compliance with customers’ requirements. My selfless commitment in enabling the company to manufacture high-quality products will motivate my employees to sacrifice their time, energy, and skills for the firm.
Besides being courageous and taking responsibility for my team’s mistakes, I will also enhance their competence by taking them through rigorous training. I will personally teach them various engineering and inspection skills to help them perform their work without the need for excess supervision. Additionally, I will ensure the company takes all potential employees through rigorous tests of their competence to enable it to recruit only the skillful ones to my department. This process will allow the organization to hire competent individuals, who will, in turn, assist it in achieving its objectives. Importantly, I will be ready to fire or suspend an incompetent employees. As a result, other members of my department will understand the need of being careful in their activities.
I will be friendly and compassionate to my juniors to create a cooperative team. In particular, I will always greet all the workers in the organization and regularly communicate with them. Additionally, I will assist them in various personal and professional ways. As for their private lives, I will make an initiative to visit a team member when he/she is sick. At a professional level, my role will include informing my colleagues of the employment opportunities within the organization. My open and welcoming approach to my workers will make them selflessly commit to making the organization achieve its primary objectives. In particular, all my department members will understand that their actions directly affect the overall performance of the team.
The leadership attributes of courage, competence, and quality will enable me to create a cooperative team that will propel the organization towards reaching its objectives. The courage to defend my team members when they accidentally make errors will inspire them to commit to accomplishing their tasks. My competence in my work as a quality control engineer will help me properly train my juniors, enhancing their skills and prowess when performing their duties. Finally, my compassion and love for my staff will create a friendly work environment that will foster cooperation and teamwork. As a result, my department will demonstrate excellent performance in its quality control duty.
Athens, A. (2008). Leadership: What’s love got to do with it? The Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center For Ethical Leadership, 298(0704-0188), 1-22.