Do we have to judge people according to their sexual orientation? Is it wrong if your friend is gay? Is it wrong to be a lesbian, bisexual or a transgender? These are some of the questions that we constantly face and as such, there is a profound discrimination on members of the LGBT society. Many people have argued that sexual orientation and gender identity are some of our defining factors and as such, subjecting any person to torture and violence because of who they love, how they look or who they are is a bad misinterpretation of the society. As a response, various organizations that basically deal with human rights have come out in defense of the members of this society. One major body is the human rights watch for the gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender and as such, try to represent the identities of the members of this group. Furthermore, the body advocates for laws and policies that protect the dignity of everyone enabling people to enjoy their rights on a silver platter.
The mistreatment of this unique sect of the society comes in various forms such as jokes, unequal treatment, and verbal insults among others. In particular, the gays, bisexual and the lesbian experience the mistreatment, a notch higher than the heterosexual. Subject to mistreatment is not only found in the street and the workplace but also at home and according to studies, teens experience this rejection from their own families when they come clean about their sexuality.30% of these teens experience physical abuse while 26% are kicked out of their homes and as a matter of fact, the street children comprise 40% of LGBT children. (Friedman, 2014).As an LGBT adult, the possibility of family rejection has an impact of increasing the depression 6 times, increasing the use of illegal drugs by eight times and more likely to increase the possibility of suicide than the other members of the society.
Thought the term encompasses people of questionable sexual orientation and sexuality, the meetings that are conducted ensure that the various issues that surround each individual are catered for. Some People may argue that transgender and transsexual are not related but a majority would argue that the two groups encounter the same problems regarding their sexuality. As on my part, I understand the LGBT society encompasses people whose sexuality is not straight and therefore, I attended the meeting held on the 22nd of October the year 2017 at a community hall that was adjacent to the Madison square garden. As with any other meeting, punctuality and order were required with the gates opened as early as 9 am and because of the various issues the community faces, the meeting ended at about 8 pm.
The decision
Considering that the LGBT group has many issues to deal with, it is important for any individual to try and understand their everyday challenges. In this, an individual is supposed to try and assimilate him/herself in the LGBT society and face the challenges. However, considering that the group meets to discuss the challenges and the way forward for individual members, a good understanding can be achieved by attending one of the meetings.
As on my part, the intrigue and the curiosity of what goes on in these meetings got the better part of me and I attended one of the meetings.Not only would this be useful in acquainting me with the members of the society, it would also be useful in trying to establish the problems and challenges they face and the retaliatory responses Prior to the meeting, some of the hypotheses I had formulated about the group included: abomination behaviors, retardants, and sickness among others and as such I had to go into detail to try and understand what would push someone into the LGBT society.
The experience
As with any person in an unfamiliar environment, it was imperative to be subtle as possible. During the meeting, the various members of the society brought forth their grievances. It is very important to understand that the different members of the LGBT society face different challenges and therefore, by presenting these problems to a congregation and to the chairman, in particular, a solution might arise. As on my part and not understanding the challenges that the members face, there was not a single piece of solution from me. However, understanding that discrimination and human rights I had the option of suggesting some possible solutions but did not. It is very important to understand the rules of the game before indulging in one and as such, I was in a state of disability.
Mingling with the members of the society was no problem and as such, I had the privilege of engaging some of the people present in a rather inquisitive conversation Most of the members described the situation to a birth condition while some described it as an experiment. Therefore, considering that the group is composed of members who have varied sexual orientations and sexuality, it was no surprise that most were born with the condition. One of the most disturbing issues was the ability to cope with the various prejudices subjected against them but according to most, perseverance was the key to success. As a member of this group, you are subjected to various forms of discrimination and if there is an internal conflict, some will opt to go for suicide.
Future impact
The meeting was very educative. I have always had a negative view of LGBT society but after the meeting, some of the negative feelings and thoughts had dramatically dwindled. The former president Barrack Obama would say, ‘do not judge a person by his sexual orientation but rather by his character and contribution to the society’, and as such, this meeting was a good chance to try and understand this statement. In this, I came to understand that some people are just victims of circumstances and therefore there is no need to subject them to discrimination. As a matter of fact, I have come to accept that members of this society need help as any other member of the society and by treating them as equals, the society will be a better place.
The LGBT members of the society have faced various discriminatory approaches. Some people view the practices as an abomination but going to the grassroots, most members are just victims of circumstances. It is therefore important to understand that the society has a big impact on the lives of members of this society and as stated, a positive view of the society will have a positive impact.
Friedman, M. (2014, February 11). The psychological impact of LGBT discrimination. Retrieved from psychology today: psychological impact of LGBT discrimination