Whether it is for business or personal residence, the decision to live in a certain location has a significant impact on the welfare of a person. Specifically, a person’s residence determines his/her ability to access the various opportunities presented in that locality. Consequently, an individual should strike a right balance between the costs and the opportunities presented by living in a given location. Although San Diego is known to be an expensive city to reside, this area provides many opportunities for all its residence by offering the following opportunities.

  • Plenty of educational facilities
  • Employment opportunities
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Proper infrastructure
  • Plenty of business opportunities
  • Plenty of sporting facilities
  • A friendly and welcoming multi-cultural society
  • Research and technological opportunities
  • A beautiful and attractive sea

This paper will argue a case for San Diego as the better choice to live in when compared to Mobile based on the aforementioned factors.
San Diego is located in the south of California, precisely at the coast of California. Having lived in San Diego and Mobile Alabama for some time, I was able to observe and experience several imperative aspects of life in both cities. In this paper, I will bring about the argument that life in San Diego is better than life in Alabama. In my argument, I will state several aspects that make life in San Diego ideal. The discussion will be based on education, culture, tourism and recreation, society and the neighborhood, security, employment and infrastructure among others.
San Diego has several highly equipped public schools and private schools that range from elementary schools, high schools, K-8 schools, middle schools, typical and alternative schools as well as charter schools that cater for the educational needs of people in the city. There are high caliber colleges and universities that ensure excellent higher education in both private and public universities. In addition, the city has a public library system that is centrally located for easy access to everyone who is in need of these services. Moreover, there are other libraries which are open for the public to use and are either run by universities, colleges or government agencies. This has made access to educational materials as well as learning easier. The ease of access to educational facilities in San Diego, when compared to Mobile, makes it ideal for learning.
When compared with Mobile, San Diego is rich in attraction and recreational sites, due to its strategic location at the coast as well as its climate. There are attractive parks, beaches, and historic sites display the heritage of the locals. Bays such as the San Diego bay are good for sightseeing experience where one can observe the gray whales migrating especially in January. One can also engage in sports fishing, which is the most entertaining sport in the region. In fact, San Diego is California’s largest sports fishing flotilla. Save for Mobile museum, there are very few locations that a person can have fun when in Mobile (Michael 199-226).
Better still, San Diego has a lot of information technology and manufacturing companies. It acts as the main headquarters for major manufacturers of the wireless technologies such as Qualcomm, Nokia, and LG. Importantly, these companies offer employment opportunities to people in San Diego. In addition, there are also more than four hundred biotechnology companies, which also create employment. Therefore, inasmuch as the cost of living is high in San Diego, employment opportunities to global blue-chip companies outweigh these costs.
The culture of San Diego is very rich and entertaining. The mixture of Mexican, Asian, African, European, and American cultures makes the city to be more culturally inclusive than that of Alabama, which has less concentration of foreigners. Interestingly, the inclusiveness of individuals in this location enables the city to have it own unique and creative culture, which is especially enjoyable for the youths. Therefore, if an individual lives in San Diego, he/she has more exposure to various world’s cultures than if he/ she stays in Mobile.
San Diego, just like other cities with millions of people has some level of crime. However, the crime rate in this region is much less than that of many states in the US. In particular, the high numbers of police and military officers ensure that most individuals are protected. In addition, since San Diego has many industries, it has a lot of employment opportunities, some of which are taken by would-be criminals. As a result, few people are exposed to the opportunity if engaging in crime. On the contrary, cities such as Mobile, which has fewer factories than San Diego, have high levels of unemployment (Sperling’s Best Places). Accordingly, the idle young men and women are exposed to vices such as theft, which increases the city’s insecurity. The climate is another factor that makes San Diego a better destination than Mobile. San Diego is sunny for a majority of the time in the year. Consequently, a person can engage in various entertainment and commercial activities without the fear of a sudden change in the weather. On the contrary, although Mobile also has sunny weather, its weather patterns are at times erratic and can affect an individual’s plans. Simply, the climate in San Diego makes it possible for people to enjoy outdoor activities and attractions such as the beaches and parks.
Additionally, San Diego offers world-class entrainment, sports, dining and vacation options everyone. The culture of the people of San Diego intertwines properly with the various social facilities offered in this city . The people residing in San Diego tend to meet in beaches, festivals and farmers markets where they interact, make new friends, meet friends and acquaintances ,and enjoy diverse restaurants and local bars. Based on commutation, San Diego offers a variety of options for everyone depending on the money they have or are willing to spend. There are commuter trains, which offer a cheap means to travels throughout the city. The airports also offer services for people going to both national and international destinations. On the contrary, people in Mobile are more reserved and less outgoing (Stephen). Accordingly, when deciding where to set a business between Mobile or San Diego, the latter offers more opportunities, mainly due to the culture of its inhabitants.
Health is an imperative aspect to people in San Diego. Since the weather this region mostly enjoys sunny weather, the locals engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, tennis, golf and other forms of exercise that promote a good healthy lifestyle. There are several health facilities that ensure the communities living in the city receive good services. Due to the sporting culture of the locals, it is easier for a person to find a sports team in San Diego than in Mobile. Therefore, San Diego provides individuals who value their health with an opportunity to exercise in order to attain maximum health levels.
San Diego’s infrastructure much better compared to that of Mobile. Individuals living in this area are able to have houses that have a constant supply of water and electricity. Better still, the city’s highway is properly developed to comfortably handle the huge traffic that of people going to work. Since the automobiles are highly used in the city, there are numerous networks of highways and freeways as well as roadways to provide all-embracing travel routes. There are also rail systems that support the commuter trains. In addition to this investors can easily find office space in San Diego than in Mobile. In light of this, living in San Diego is more hospitable and comfortable than in Mobile.
By its closeness to the sea, San Diego offers a quality of life and opportunities that Mobile cannot duplicate. To begin with, the sea by itself offers opportunities of trade, learning, and entertainment. Accordingly, most businesses that establish in San Diego harness on these natural opportunities, therefore, living in San Diego has more complementary advantages than living in Mobile. Simply, an individual can easily engage in research since there are a lot of research companies. Moreover, the competitive nature of the city ensures that locals emerge to be the most competitive and skillful individuals in their professional field. Markedly, these opportunities cannot be found in a more relaxed town like Mobile.
In conclusion, in spite of San Diego being an expensive city to live in, it has exhibited several beneficial aspects such as good climate, low crime rate, properly developed infrastructure, high-quality educational facilities, high-quality health, as well as a welcoming and friendly society. Nonetheless, it is recommendable that an individual should choose the best place to live depending on the intended cost of living that they can afford.
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