Everyone will work harder towards any goal if it is going to be of use. This is basically the idea behind linked learning. This is a reform that integrates education from a higher learning institution such as college to those of lower levels such as high school. It is very useful to students who are ready for college. That said, it is an informative way of enabling students to focus on their studies. The idea behind it is linking quality career and work based learning. By engaging the students in a relevant educational quest, high school students are linked to careers which they had not imagined before. Personally, the idea of linked learning is brilliant and enables high school students to create the impression of being in the profession they desire, the outcome can be tremendous in the positive direction.
Linked learning has a variety of measurable goals and achievements that can justify its brilliance. Such goals can include practical ethical behaviors during service learning, the ability to read and interpret information gathered, the ability to solve advanced designed problems, effective public speaking and to design a coherent argument supported by research among others  (Berkely University of Califonia, 2017).
The process is in five steps according to linked learning essential elements leaflet. To begin with is the performance based measure of pathway specific learning outcome. There is a team that reviews the data of students based on performance and in this context aligns them in the right path. The second is the information on student’s level of performance. This is basically a review of students and their improvements in class. Thirdly is the review of individual student’s performance growth. It is on two measures which are transcript based and pathway based. The fourth is a review of the student’s success after high school both in employment and in higher institutions. The final is a measure of the normalcy of the above stated trends over time. To conclude the integration of this five phase process of linked learning will require the support of the parents and the community at large. Individually, parents will be associated with their children’s performance and in the assessment of their improvements. This is because home based factors can play a big role in a child’s academics. On the community level, linked learning helps the community on the development capacity. This is particular to poor communities.


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