DATE: 10th October 2017.
TO: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Events Organizer at Hamilton.
FROM: Steve Amani (Logistics manager at Floyd Consulting).
RE: Accommodation and transport service.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your company. As requested, we have assessed the most suitable accommodation facilities and means of transporting your traveling crew during your national tour. From our evaluation and experience, we have found that the most suitable accommodation facilities will be provided by three-star hotels in cities that you will be visiting. The most appropriate transport means will be the use of a combination of bus and air transport. From our study, we have established the following:

  1. The crew should sleep and rest in different three-star hotels depending on their availability in each city.
  2. Intertown transport will be done using buses while aircrafts will be used for interstate movements.

From our assessment, the crew should sleep and rest in three-star restaurants to get appropriate services and adequate security for both themselves and their parcels. Additionally, these hotels have facilities such as gyms and swimming pools, which the traveling team can use to exercise (Staff). On average, the accommodation cost for each will be $289 per night, and the meals will cost $100 (Staff). Since most three-star hotel chains do not operate in all cities, our company will liaise with our local partners in each state to identify the most suitable restaurant for the crews’ accommodation.
Inter-town transport should be done using buses since they are the most efficient when traveling over short distances. However, the team should use planes for inter-state movement since they are fast and more comfortable than buses. The average daily cost for a 57-sitter chartered bus will be $960 ( The average air ticket costs will be $400 per ticket (Bureau of Transportation Statistics). However, these prices may vary from state-to-state.
Conclusion and Recommendation
We recommend the studio to make early bookings for these services for it to enjoy discounts due to their timely payments. Additionally, it will easily find high-quality accommodation for its team in the most affordable hotels. Finally, please remember to include a markup of 30%, which is our service cost for facilitating your accommodation and logistics service during the trip.
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