Which Absences Of Three Compulsions Lead To Demoralized Love?
Notably, De Rougemont identifies three compulsions that lead to demoralized values. Basically, they are as follows:

  1. Love-for-love
  2. Passion myth/Desire
  3. Cultural changes

In essence, lover-for-love is a kind of selfless love that a person gets after enduring various obstacles. In the myth of Tristan and Iseult, Tristan fell in love with Iseult after their relationship when he was sick. Moreover, the virtues and conduct of Iseult made him admire her character.
Basically, passion myth is an emotional desire that a person has for another due to their physical appearance. Noteworthy, this may be attributed to sexual desires. Consequently, De Rougemont admonishes this kind of love.
In a nutshell, cultural changes refer to the changes in beliefs and behaviors in the society. Basically, this leads to acceptance of behaviors that were previously not acceptable. In this case, cultural changes show the moral decay that has transpired in the world over the last few centuries.
Do You Think We Should Stress One Of These Compulsions Today?
Yes, we should stress on passion myth (desire). Noteworthy, desire is an important aspect of love since it is what attracts us to one another. Nonetheless, mere desire leads to frustrated love affairs and marriages. In light of this, it is paramount that individuals learn to look beyond the physical appearance of individuals, and instead focus on the specific characters and virtues that they admire in the individual.
What Is Wrong With Marriage Based On Individuals Choice?
A marriage based on individual choice alone is wrong. On the face of it, it may appear right and reasonable. Nevertheless, individuals are always part of a society, and their individual actions have a great impact on the community’s welfare. In light of this, they have a duty to contact and hear the views of the members of the society. For example, a young man may be unknowingly in love with a woman whom his father got out of wedlock. Consequently, a brief discussion with his parents will make him understand that their marriage will be a case of incense.
Do You Agree That Fidelity In Marriage Today Is Ridiculous And Conventional?
I do not agree with this statement. Evidently, there are more infidelity cases nowadays than in the past. Generally, this shows a breakdown of our marital values. However, given the attention and publicity that cases of infidelity receive, this shows that this behavior is yet to be accepted as a norm. Importantly, socially accepted behaviors such as a person hosting an elderly parent do not get a lot of attention.
In A Market Economy, Do You Think We Must Be Resigned To Eventual Boredom Or Seek Passion Elsewhere, Even Though It Threatens To Ruin A Marriage?
We should not be resigned to eventual boredom or to seeking passion elsewhere since we are in a market economy. Basically, the market economy is what has been found to be a sustainable way of providing income to us and our families. Nonetheless, we should strike a balance and understand when our search for income interferes with our relationships. In such cases, we should always reduce the hustles of getting income and salvage our relationships.
Do You Think Americans Have The Strength To Pass Up Passion As A Kind Of Drug To Seek Self-Mastery As True Gratification?
Basically, Americans have the strength to pass up passion and seek self-mastery as true gratification. Nevertheless, the decision to pursue such measures is purely dependent on individuals’ choice, and not in America. Noteworthy, America respects individuals freedoms. Consequently, it cannot compel them to adopt certain cultures or behaviors.
Describe Active Love According To De R.  What Does Being Faithful Mean In Active Love?  Is This Type Of Love Possible Today?
Active love entails putting personal commitment to the love affair, as well as understanding boundaries that should be maintained. In this case, a couple may purpose to love one another, while each of them to strives to excel in their personal goals, and in the family objectives. Nevertheless, these individuals must restrain themselves from engaging in activities that strain the marriage. Additionally, where such scenarios occur, they must choose to salvage their relationship. Notably, this type of love is possible today.
Do You Agree That Marriage Is An Institution That Is Meant To BE Lasting And Without It Been Lasting It Is Meaningless?
Basically, marriage should be lasting. Nevertheless, it still has a meaning even if it does not last. In addition, marriage should be exciting if possible. Nonetheless, social, financial, and personal obligations may limit how exciting it is. Consequently, those who engage in marriage should not expect to have fun all the time; rather, they should have an open mind of finding both challenges and fun in the relationship.