There are no boundaries to love. As a matter of fact, nothing can separate one soul in two bodies, and that is what this story tries to attest to. The story of Sergio and Marilyn connects the United States and Guatemala, but more specifically the cities of California and Nicaragua. Marilyn was born in the United States and traveling being her desire, she visited many countries but ironically did not visit Guatemala. On the other hand, Sergio was not fond of traveling but he moved to the United States, a few miles from Marilyn
Dating began five years ago after the internet matchmaker acknowledged the love the two had for each other. Since then it has been a fun life and at one point, they managed to adopt a dog that Sergio had rescued. The marriage proposal came after visiting Mt.Baldly where they had gone to unravel their minds on the magnificence of nature. Sergio was used to eating tangerines while pretending he was getting married during his youth and as old habits die hard, he proposed with a tangerine after stopping for a snack. An interesting fact is that the first people they met after the proposal had just renewed their marriage.