Man Vs Self
Bob is a 26-year-old vibrant young man doing all he can to figure out the best path to take in life. He is done with formal schooling- up to undergraduate level- and has a had quite an exciting time outside of school. He currently works as a media reporter and earns handsome column royalty payments. However, Bob is yet to hit a break-even point regarding emotional maturity. Some personal factors are at play, here. Bob is a reformed alcoholic. Back in his college days, Bob being an introvert, used to find emotional stability in consuming alcohol. This, he did without fail, from Thursdays to Sundays. Bob was taking Mass Communication, a course which is not, necessarily, time intensive. He, thus, had free time to sit in pubs and gulp liters and liters of hard liquor. Consequently, some things happened. Bob lost track on such activities as dating. He could not collect himself when sober making him fail to sustain any healthy relationship status with ladies. Two, he had a deficit of attending social events such as school games, team building activities, academic retreats and game drives. This way, Bob, as an individual, formed a disconnect with the society further making him get lost in the drug world.
Well, Bob would later get into too much trouble due to alcohol such that suicide was beckoning. He could not hold any money sent to him by his parents. Neither could he take care of personal items such as rent, food, and clothes. Gladly, he had a friend who was getting concerned in his worsening plight and who believed that a better way out was available. This friend named Florence was a serious Christian, and she consistently prayed to have Bob join her In Church. Fortunately, Bob was the sincere kind of guys. He was a just a poor soul overwhelmed by alcohol and left at the mercy of his introvert spirit. A typical Conversation between Bob and Florence would take the following shape:
Florence: Hi Bob, I hope you are doing well?
Bob: Hi Florence, well, all is not well but at least we are alive. How are you yourself?
Florence: I am fine, and I thank God for that. Hey, what’s up? Why is all not well, dear friend?
Bob: Matters of life. Just a mix-up of issues. Life is a bit hard, Florence.
Florence: For the sake of clarity, would you elaborate on that? What exactly are you up to? Is it an emergency? Do you need urgent help on it? I hope I am not dominating the conversation. I am just worried about what you are saying?
Bob: Surprisingly, it is not about money, neither is it an accident nor a health related issue. Anyway, there is a long story to that. Honestly, let me share it with you when we meet.
Florence: I am not comfortable with the answer for I still do not, precisely, understand what is it with you, my friend. It is okay. I will eagerly wait for a meet-up.
Bob: I sure will converse as openly as possible with you. I do not intend to hide anything.
Florence: I am sorry for that. When can we meet? Would you mind coming to Church on Sunday? We can sit down and share out. Our church is along the Coffee Garden Drive.
Bob: I will be there, dear friend. I need to talk to someone. Looking forward to seeing you then.
Florence: See you then, Bob! If you feel like we need to talk before then, text me and I will call back!
Bob: Thank you, Florence.
Florence: You are very welcome Bob. Have a blessed day.
Bob: You, too!
This kind of conversations happened for a while. Bob would, over the phone, commit to find his way into the main chapel and meet with Florence. It, however, happened that most Saturday nights would find him in a pub. He would then wake up at twelve noon on Sunday. This scenario just added pressure into his life. The true and accurate reality was that Bob desired a change in character. He wanted to do normal things such as date, go for coffee, learn to watch movies and laugh with friends. He had the intent, but external forces and chronic alcohol addiction stood in his way.
Florence sustained her follow-up on Bob’s case for a while. On a random Sunday, May last year, Bob finally managed to set foot in the church facility. Florence was graduating from Christian training initiative and had impressed on Bob to make sure he does attend the event. Bob managed to do so amidst a Friday hangover from a drinking rampage. He had, however, under a high strain streak managed to avoid going out on Saturday night so as to achieve an early morning wake on Sunday. Here he was, in an unfamiliar territory trusting that his hope for change will be found in the sanctuary. The church service happened, and as is with that particular chapel, first-time visitors have to meet up with the pastor for introduction and subsequent induction. Bob took a leap of faith and told the pastor about everything that was happening in his life. The pastor listened and committed to taking personal initiative.
It is approximately one year since Bob joined the church. He has been a faithful follower even volunteering to work on the church’s social media pages. The training given by the church have served as key transition points for him. He is, gradually, getting to be at peace with himself. Whenever he his asked why he succeeded in adjusting his traits, Bob responds by saying that sincerity was his weapon. He, therefore, urges any individual in conflict with self to indulge in absolute self-honesty and they will successfully resolve the dispute.