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Unit Code/s & Name/s SITXHRM002 Roster staff
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Student Declaration: I declare that this assessment is my own work. Any ideas and comments made by other people have been acknowledged as references.  I understand that if this statement is found to be false, it will be regarded as misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the TAFE Queensland Student Rules. I understand that by emailing or submitting this assessment electronically, I agree to this Declaration in lieu of a written signature.
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Instructions to Student Performance evidence
This unit requires the student to demonstrate the ability to:
·                Prepare staff rosters that meet diverse operational requirements across three different roster periods
·                Demonstrate the following when preparing each of the above staff rosters:
­   Sufficient staff to ensure the delivery of required services within wage budget constraints
­   Appropriate skills mix of the team
­   Compliance with industrial provisions and organisational policy
­   Completion of rosters within commercial and staff time constraints.
·                Present and communicate rosters to colleagues
·                Administer and maintain roster and shift records
·                Monitor and improve the effectiveness of rosters
Simulation Outline
The Student is the Front Office Manager at The Bridge Hotel Metro.
The Front Office Manager is responsible for multiple teams (Reception, Concierge, Switchboard and Reservations). This assessment is based on rostering responsibilities specifically for the reception team.
The three (3) periods you will be preparing 1-week rosters for are:
Monday 14 – Sunday 20 November
Monday 19 – Sunday 25 December
Monday 13 – Sunday 19 February
The information you are required to prepare and base your rosters on are provided in separate documents i.e. An overview of the Hotel, organisational structure, shifts and staffing requirements, staff details and shift preferences, financial and operational parameters for each roster period.
You are responsible for sourcing current, relevant and accurate information on Industrial agreements that ensure rosters meet legislative requirements, employment conditions and rates of pay.
Administering records and evaluating rosters, and identifying ways to improve the rostering process are also included in the simulation.
Simulation tasks:
Review the information provided (identified in the section below “Materials to be Supplied”)
Research and apply the relevant industrial awards and enterprise agreements to the rostering process ensuring roster outcomes meet legal requirements
Role play consultation and communications with staff and colleagues regarding rosters (or clients such as tour operators/conference organisers -where group bookings may impact reception duties and staffing requirements)
Prepare a roster for each period that meets all the required parameters
Administer record, monitor and evaluate rosters
Evidence required for submission in the portfolio:
Part A
Provide in your portfolio:
1.         A copy of the current, relevant Industrial Agreement for Hospitality staff
2.         A copy of the current Pay Guide for Hospitality staff
3.         A copy of the relevant Section for Terms and Conditions of Employment (Leave) from the National Employment Standards
4.         Completed hourly rates template for Reception staff positions based on the relevant Award


  Parts B, C, D
For each of the roster periods below:
14-20 November (Part B)
19-25 December (Part C)
13-19 February (Part D)
…the student must provide:
1.         Completed roster with wages budget in an Excel spreadsheet format. The roster and wages budget must:
·                Meet the specific period operational and budgetary requirements
·                Ensure relevant pay and conditions from industrial agreement and pay awards are applied
·                Take into account staff shift preferences where possible and honour existing agreements with individual staff
·                Use accurate formulas and calculations
·                Calculate daily and weekly predicted wages totals
·                Ensure presentation is clear, using headings, borders and shadings where appropriate for ease of reader understanding
·                Use a different colour cell for each staff member
·                Name the file “reception roster with wages_14 November” (or 19 December or 13 February as relevant)
·                Save to a folder named bridge hotel rosters
·                Provide a print screen of the file contents of the bridge hotel roster folder in your portfolio
2.         Copy of a roster issued to staff
·                Using the roster completed in Point 1 – hide columns/rows with financial information
·                Create a pdf of the roster (excluding financial information)
·                name the file “Reception Roster Staff Version_14 November” (or 19 December or 13 February as relevant)
·                Save to the Bridge Hotel Rosters folder
·                Provide a print screen of the file contents of the Bridge Hotel Roster folder in your portfolio
·                Draft an email to staff communicating issue of the roster and any pertinent points regarding the roster or shifts, breaks etc. during the roster period
·                Attach the pdf roster to the email
·                Provide a print screen of the email in your portfolio
3.         Completed Roster preparation checklist with explanatory notes ensuring every item in the provided Financial and Operational Parameters scenario has been individually addressed
4.         Completed interaction log – detailing all interactions that you would have to have with staff, colleagues, managers, other hotel departments,  tour operators, booking agents etc. to consult staff and inform development of rosters that meet the needs of the organisation, customers and staff. Any interactions that would be required to meet the Financial and Operational Parameters should be included.
5.         Examples of communications’ correspondence relating to the above interactions, minimum two (2) examples (e.g. memo’s, emails, meeting agendas &/or minutes)
6.         Organise, undertake and record a minimum two (2) role plays regarding consultation and development of this Roster that ensures it meets organisational, employee, customer and legislative requirements. Submit two (2) completed role play guides and two (2) role play recordings.
  Part E
The student must provide:
1.         Completed emergency cover worksheet
2.         Completed timesheet worksheet
3.         Completed monitor, evaluate and improve rosters worksheet
Materials to be supplied:
·                Hotel overview including organisational structure
·                Shifts and staffing requirements
·                Staff details and shift preferences
·                Financial and operational parameters – per roster period
·                Hourly rates template
·                Interaction log template
·                Role play guide template
·                Email communication template
·                Memo communication template
·                Roster preparation checklist template
·                Emergency cover worksheet
·                Timesheet administration worksheet
·                Monitor, evaluate and improve rosters worksheet
Students to provide:
Students will need to provide a recording device for recording of meetings and professional conversations (role plays with classmates and/or colleagues)
Recordings can be audio or video. Students may wish to consider using the audio/video options on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.
Teachers will provide guidance on accepted recording formats and uploading recordings to the appropriate location.
Work, Health and Safety:
Teachers and students are required to adhere to the Workplace Health and Safety Policies and Procedures of campus they attend.
Submission details (if relevant) Insert your details on page 1 and sign the Student Declaration. Include this form with your submission.
Assessment to be submitted via
·                TAFE Queensland Learning Management System: Connect url:
·                Username; 10 digit student number
·                For Password: Reset password go to>
Instructions to Assessor The conditions under which the assessment must be conducted include:
·                The assessor must read this task and the student instructions in full in order to be clear on the requirements of the simulated assessment. In order to manage and run the simulation, it is essential the assessor also reads and is familiar with the Student Materials, Student Templates and Student Worksheets provided.
·                Having read the assessment task and aligned materials in full, the Assessor then needs to examine their scheduled lessons and the timeframe they have with the students, and plot the required simulation activities accordingly. The Assessor also needs to decide which simulation activities will be allocated time within class and which the students will conduct themselves outside of class. As part of this exercise the Assessor also needs to determine and add the due dates for each component of the assessment task (a, b, c, d, e) as appropriate.
·                Having set a clear plan for how the simulation will be delivered, on what dates the required activities (i.e. role plays or group work) will take place and set the due dates, the Assessor must then provide clear instructions to the students as to how the simulation will be conducted, and what simulated assessment related activities will have time allowed during class and what activities students should organise outside of class.
·                Students will need access to a spreadsheet package to complete the assessment requirements (i.e. Microsoft Excel) and to an email package and pdf creator.
·                Assessors will need to organise a method for uploading and saving audio/video recordings and instruct the students how to record and upload recordings as required for assessment purposes.
·                Assessors should ensure relevant privacy requirements are met in relation to the required recording of role plays (simulated meetings and professional conversations).
·                Assessors need to ensure that students have access to others with whom the individual can discuss simulation task components which can be individuals who participate in role plays and/or simulated activities.
·                Assessors should ensure that the students are familiar with the Workplace Health and Safety Policies and Procedures of campus they attend.
Note to Student An overview of all Assessment Tasks relevant to this unit is located in the Unit Study Guide.