Case 54

Considering the case of Miguel’s agency, it is clear that the personnel selection is not effective. Considering the diversity of the employees in the agency, there is need for thorough selection of the employees to make sure that the staff remains in peace. In addition, there is need for employment of a number of strategies to ensure that peace prevails in all the interactions among the workmates. The hiring process involves picking up a candidate without verifying various qualifications for the job, including the ease to adapt to the new environment and this is the result of many problems facing the organization. Due to the use of this approach, Cassie joined the organization despite not having the required communication skills to work within the organization and deal with other people. Consequently, her presence in the organization leads to many issues including employee turnover after the compulsory sensitivity training of which she was the cause.
Effectiveness of management is another thing to worry about in the agency. According to Stretton (2015), management is the drive wheel for any organization. The management does not take time to unearth information before embarking on a major action. Due to small misunderstandings between Cassie and Kara, the entire staff had to undergo a thorough sensitivity training. Transactional leadership style is evident in this organization. The subjects are not given time to air their views, rather the management imposes everything on them and they must conform. Sensitivity and ignorance of some employees led to the volatile situation. Cassie is too arrogant, ignorant, and egocentric and her entrance to the organization is the cause of the volatile situation. The sensitivity training approach to the problem is not effective because it does not find the real root of the problem. For this reason, the approach is not likely to solve the problem. In solving the solution, I would first find the root of the problem, discuss the different ways with other management personalities, and choose the best approach. The best approach could be ensuring both Cassie and Kara are in good terms before imposing the sensitivity training.

Case 56

From the information provided, Carl’s employment should not be terminated but instead, he should be warned against any association with any form of a hate group. Holding his office as an office clerk, he meets and interacts with many people most of which look up to him. Continued participation in such groups would tarnish the name of the organization and is likely to be assumed that the postal department or sector is in support of the behavior. For this reason, Carl should be served with a warning failure, and failure to adhere with the terms of the warning should be used as ground for termination of his job.
I believe that what public employees do on their free time should be of concern to the public agency where they work. Holding a public office means that the citizens pay such officers and therefore they should be reliable. In addition, since they meet and interact with many people in their capacity, such individuals should be accountable for what they do during their free time and should be in line with the policies of the public agency they work for. The position of the employee is a great concern. For example, public officers with huge following should not be involved in any hate or racism activities (Dawson, 2016). If their actions cause chaos, the consequences may be of great magnitude. On the other hand, low-rank officers, their activities may not be a great worry because a single mess may not have a significant negative impact to the society (Vinkovic&Benkovic, 2011).For example, if Carl was a police office, then he should have been fired because involvement in hate group contradicts the policies of his job.