Fact Sheet
Marine Corps community service programs were established in the year 1998 to offer a cushion against the challenges faced by marines and their families. The organization was as a result of the merging of the following programs: voluntary educational programs, welfare and recreation, and family services. Being in the military is challenging and as such, marines have various challenges ranging from mental to social. By handling the sailors and their families, the programs mainly serve the purpose of preparing the Marines for battle, enhancing the quality of their lives, their families, and the civilians, and enhancing their capabilities in combat among others.
The programs that are offered include fitness and recreation, family team building, child care, education, transition resistance, victim support and counseling, golf courses, entertainment but basically, all the services that are useful in enhancing the lives of the marines. Moreover, improving the quality of the lives of the marines, their families, sailors etc. by offering the necessary resources and services is the mission statement of the organization. To do so, the Marine Corps community service has over 12000 employees worldwide with over 2250 facilities.
The headquarters of the company are in Quantico, Virginia but the programs are offered on many locations between the United States, Korea, and Japan. Most of the programs are provided near army bases such as Albany, Bridgeport, camp Fuji, Camp Allen, Cherry Point, Hawaii, etc. among others. All this is possible because it is a government company within the federal agencies industry. Furthermore, the company can generate humongous amounts of revenue between $100 and $200 million (USD) per year.
Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals of the Organization
Enhancing the quality of the lives of various parties affiliated to the marines is the mission statement of the organization. To live up to the mission statement, the programs offered mainly focus on the social aspects of the life of the marines and their families, sailors and equips them with the necessary education, training, and services. As a response, the Marines can cope exceptionally well with the bumps faced during deployment and service in the military. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that the mission statement of the organization does not play an essential role in the dedication and exemplary performances produced by marines during combat and battle.
The values that guide the Marine Corps community service need to be in sync with the core values of the marines themselves. As such, the values that guide the everyday functioning of this organization include honor, courage, and commitment (MCCSForward, 2017). They serve as the rule book to the professionalism, the moral character and the code of conduct for the organizational. However, there are other values, albeit minor, that are also used to serve as the guide for customer relations and include: integrity, loyalty, responsibility and being courteous.
In line with the values and the mission statement of the organization, the vision is to become the first option for products, programs and the services they offer. Only if the agency exceeds the expectation of the customers can this be achieved and as such, various factors are outlined. The elements are as follows: being the first choice to the portion of the community that is dedicated to the support of the marines and their families, provision of breathtaking technology and programs that enhance social relations as well as family relations, provision of programs and services that meet the future needs, provision of policies that promote the mission among others
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