Mayo Clinic has been among excellent healthcare centers in the history of the United States given the range of health services they offer to the citizens of the country (Mayo Clinic, 2016). The organization has played a significant role in ensuring that patients receive quality healthcare through being distinct from the rest of organizations (Mayo Clinic, 2016). Mayo Clinic has come up with the educational outreach program to educate patients, medical professionals as well as the members of the public. It is important to note that the name of the organization came because of the doctor who came to learn new skills in surgery from the Mayo Brothers (Mayo Clinic, 2016). It is clear that the organization has put in place a strategic plan to assist in achieving their goals and objectives to the satisfaction of the patients, public and the members (Mayo Clinic, 2016). The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to evaluate the organization through conducting strategic plan analysis to help determine aspects that have contributed to the current position of the organization in the sector (Mayo Clinic, 2016).
Quality and Research
The group has thrived in offering quality services to the patients. The approach has been supported by the focus on knowledge, compassionate staff, and technology (Bloom Creative, 2016). Successes connected with these plans are low mortality rate, integration of confidential medical data and progress in some diagnoses that the organization has conducted (Bloom Creative, 2016). Mayo also put emphasis on quality through ensuring that the time is given to patients as well as maintaining dignity by making sure that appointments are given according to the availability of the doctors (Bloom Creative, 2016). Besides, the organization is giving a lot of attention to activities related to education and research. The members of Mayo Clinic are engaged in multidisciplinary research that aids in rapid discovery of new skills of treatment as well as prevention (Bloom Creative, 2016).
Integrated Medical System
There is patient scheduling system in the organization that allows for assigning of patients to doctors and organizing the time of the patients in the clinic (Bloom Creative, 2016). The system also plays an important role such as recording the comments of the doctor, laboratory tests and availability of the patients. The system gives the doctors a platform to check the previous history of the patients hence allowing the physicians to work as a team to a particular point of reference in the system (Bloom Creative, 2016).
Embracing Technology and Social Media Approach
Mayo Clinic adopted technology several decades back allowing them to market their services digitally (UK Essays, 2016). The organization registered their domain in 1997 hence steadily expanding their online presence. The approach helps the team to reach a broad range of patients from wherever they are hence the creation of a vast customer base (UK Essays, 2016). About two-thirds of the budget of Mayo Clinic is devoted to digital marketing hence ensuring that useful content is always available for the patients and all online users (UK Essays, 2016). For instance, if a patient is searching for some relevant information on Google and tends to come across an article written by one of the members of the Mayo Clinic, then it builds its reputation as an organization to reckon with as well as a brand (UK Essays, 2016). Similarly, the organization has stepped up on the social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook, therefore, having a significant number of followers in the two media platforms (UK Essays, 2016). The social media approach has worked due to the reason that the organization has put a focus on allowing followers in the social media to be their health advocates. Mayo Clinic takes social media as a platform to answer questions and raise awareness for better health (UK Essays, 2016).
Geographical Distribution
Like any other health organization, Mayo Clinic is faced with some challenges (Custom Writing, 2014). The team is located in only three primary states, which include Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona. It, therefore, indicates that location of the organization in only three states is a major weakness as millions of people from other countries will not be in a position to receive their services in case there is the need for emergency (Custom Writing, 2014). There is urgent need for the organization to establish other branches in other states and even internationally. It is because Mayo Clinic offer excellent services but people need to travel from far to reach one of their health centers (Custom Writing, 2014). Health centers such as John Hopkins has taken advantage of the geographical absence of Mayo Clinic to establish itself and offer services to where Mayo Clinic is absent (Custom Writing, 2014).
Lack of Specialization
Most healthcare is specializing in a particular health condition such as cancer and other diseases. Patients will tend to visit facilities that offer specialized services and treatment (Custom Writing, 2014). It, therefore, indicates that lack of specialization in Mayo Clinic is likely to reduce their client base, as customers that need specialized attention will prefer other facilities (Custom Writing, 2014). Due to inability to specialize, there is the high cost of operations that leave the health center incapable of making adjustments that will go along with the external environment (Custom Writing, 2014).
Payment System
Mayo is likely to lose skilled medical practitioners due to better financial incentives in other health organizations. It is because the wages are placed at approximately 60% of the market value (Custom Writing, 2014). It, therefore, affects the motivations of the physicians and other workers of the organization as it does not focus on monetary benefits of the employees. Payment of the physicians is fixed and is not based according to the volume of patients in the organization. (Custom Writing, 2014)
The rapid development of technology has compelled Mayo Clinic to adopt the latest technology to provide better and quality healthcare services (Mayo Clinic, 2013). It is only hospitals that have invested in current technology that offers quality services and are competitive as well. As much as the organization has invested in technology to some extent, there are still some gaps in the area of technology that needs to be thoroughly exhausted (Mayo Clinic, 2013). It will give the hospital a competitive advantage as well as enhancement of quality care (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Changes in Healthcare Requirements
The changes offer healthcare opportunities for the hospital (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Most patients coming from various parts of the world require specialized care and treatments hence giving Mayo clinic an opportunity to offer such services to the patients (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Similarly, the increase in the number of old people in U.S and other parts of the world offer an opportunity for the facility as such people require specialized treatment and care that the organization needs to explore (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Economic challenges have also made it difficult for most people to access better healthcare and services. Reducing the cost of treatment and care in Mayo Clinic presents an excellent opportunity for many clients to access affordable services specifically from the hospital hence a good customer base for development of the organization (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Conversion of research into practice has created opportunities for Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic, 2013). The research centers have always provided innovative systems strategy to distribute benefits of research findings in the daily practice of medicine that gives room for new treatments and diagnosis to ensure better healthcare for both local and international patients (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Despite being ranked among the best health facilities in the United States, the organization faces stiff competition from other bodies such as John Hopkins that might affect its general performance (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Stiff competition is likely to demoralize the workers hence forcing them to join the competitors or shifting of patients to other health facilities (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Changing Healthcare Industry
The demands of healthcare are ever changing hence there is a possibility that Mayo might be affected negatively if proper measures are not put in place to keep up with the modification (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Technology change tends to be a specific threat as the pace at which the technological equipment used in hospitals is alarming. Similarly, some other organizations are likely to embrace the changing technology fast enough to keep up with or overtake Mayo hence a threat (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Cost of Providing Healthcare
The cost of healthcare provision is on the rise due to the economic recession that has hit the world a couple of years back (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Given that, Mayo is offering affordable and quality healthcare services people who cannot afford other facilities will take Mayo as a better alternative. Individuals who are affected by the economic recession are many hence an indication that Mayo has to attend to several customers within a day. The number is ever increasing hence it is likely to compromise the quality of Mayo Clinic in future hence a threat to lose the clients (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
Mayo Clinic needs to put in place appropriate strategic planning to mitigate the possible challenges that are currently facing the organization (Bloom Creative, 2016). Focusing on threats and weaknesses and trying to devise ways to overcome them is a right approach for the organization. Similarly, working on the means to improve the strengths of the organization will aid the team always to stay on top of other healthcare facilities as well as having a large client base (Mayo Clinic, 2013). It is, therefore, vital for the organization to ensure that all departments are represented in the process of conducting the strategic analysis to stay in line with the objectives and goals of the organization (Mayo Clinic, 2013).
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