Executive Summary

Proper publicity has always been the best way forward when trying to attract potential suitors; either for personal or business reasons. The first impression plays a crucial role in any selection process; from employment to scholarships to marriage etc. Being a great enthusiast of sports, my main concern, in this context, is about the opportunities that athletes can gain from proper marketing by media packages.
Athletes need proper marketing and publicity, more so the emerging and upcoming ones. Proper media packaging can become the platform where potential coaches and trainers can manage to effectively do proper recruiting. The concept behind this is basically video editing and graphic design techniques that pay attention to detail. With the skills and background techniques in this field coupled with the love for the game, I can virtually bring this to reality providing a platform for athletes to graduate to the next


Communication has always been necessary for human beings. This transfer of ideas and knowledge from one party to another has always defined human beings in a unique way enabling us to develop in an exponential fashion. In the context of communication and technological advancement, man has been able to discover ways through which technology can be used to transmit information as per some certain specification. One method is by use of media packages which essentially entails website design, photo, and video editing, media services to mention a few.
It is in this context of media packages and communication that the essay is based on. The essay focuses on the background information about a proposed business entity dealing with media package, relationship with other entities and a SWOT analysis.

Background Information

Graphics Packages

To begin with, the term graphics package stands for animated logos, idents, screen bugs, text backgrounds that tend to be used in the branding and making of television shows, movies and documentaries (Rainsberger, 2010).Concerning the development of these concepts and technologies, their main aim is the reaffirmation of the general public the reality aspect of what is being watched (Prince, 2016).
The most important aspect in graphic packages is a cohesive outlook for ease in usage (Stelzner, 2017). This feature enables parties with sufficient knowledge to use it properly considering that graphics packages are more often used by firms and videographers without the supervision of the designer. To attain this cohesive outlook, some rules need to be considered.
To begin with is the safety of titles. Considering that most television and display screens may cut off some bit of the text to be displayed, it is crucial to integrate some aspects of graphics to edit this flaw. Majority of programs associated with display do have a frame that describes the location where the television will cut the image.In using graphic designs, the titles, text and all the main elements to be displayed are inserted into the safe area.
The second aspect to take into consideration is the screen size. The basis behind this is that different screens have different display aspects: either standard, high or in terms of usage, web usage, broadcast usage etc. It is this display aspect that determines the layout to be used.in turn, the design of the elements should be based on the standard definition considering that resizing is relatively an easy factor considering the video editing tools available.
The third factor to take into consideration is the title. Titles have become a necessity for most video and movie shows with the main concern the work of designers and producers. In movies the titles are required to transition from black while in other programs, the titles are required to be easy to handle in terms of changing from other programs, commercials etc. (Rainsberger, 2010).
The font is a crucial aspect in the display of texts particularly to the viewer and the producer.in this aspect, when designing the graphics package, the designer has to take into consideration that there should be a space allocated to the producer for the purpose of typing in his/her texts. The graphic package should have an indication of Font to be used, the size of the font to be used, the color of text and the necessity of having a drop and finally, the position of the text. As a general rule, the designers are required to use fonts that are easily compatible with macs and personal computers.
A backdrop is basically an animation intended to cover the full screen but it has a huge percentage of blank space. The main aim is to avail space to be used by the videographer. This space is used to insert any information deemed relevant by the videographer and has varied uses depending on the type of program: newscasts, documentaries, reality shows among others.
It is imperative to discuss how an ident is useful especially in the context of television. An ident is basically an animation of the show’s logo appearing in between the actual programming (Rainsberger, 2010).In designing the indent some the following considerations should be taken in place: may have lead-in or lead-out for other video elements and has to have the area for new text messages
The last, but not least, factor to be considered is the lower third which simply put, is the lower third part of the screen. The role of this place is to display information such as the name of the speaker and his/her position.in terms of the position, the text can be placed such that it just hugs the edge but when dealing with LCD and plasma screens, space can be slightly large.

Current Thinking

Social Media Marketing

A variety of options are available in regards to social media marketing mainly because of the growth of the market but there is always a risk factor involved in choosing a company, ranging from agencies to virtual assistants. The main aim is to find a company with a good track record and a good reputation but it is not as easy as it may seem. It is therefore important for anyone to have clear and concise priorities to enable him/her narrow to relevant companies (Stewart, 2017). Some of the priorities may include:
A reputable and clear presence on the social platform. This means that there is a need for timely and relevant updates to be posted on a predetermined basis and hence a viable option would be, a social media package that focuses primarily on content development and daily posting. In turn, the social presence will be up to date and in a clear fashion.
There is a need to increase the awareness of certain brands. A social media package that caters to content development and social search would be advisable. The main focus is the continuous engagement with potential customers about the brand and more to that, continuous updates. This in effect require s a strong engagement component.
The ability to drive traffic from social media platforms to some specified website. This basically entails traffic flow from social platforms to the desired website mainly targeting followers and customers. For this to work, the requirement may be deliberate approach, compelling content and thoughtful timing which may mean continuous engagement on the social platforms

Social Media

Social media has been defined as the collection of online communication channels and is mainly focused on community input and interaction. Because of the fact that it is focused on the development of the community, social media has become an integral part in our lifetime. Furthermore, social media can be based on business for mainly promoting brands, connecting new customers, marketing products among others.
Social media marketing is an important aspect of the social media because it mainly involves the collection of data from blogs and other social platforms for the purpose of business analytics. Furthermore, there is the Social Media Marketing that is mainly utilized to improve the exposure of the company subsequently increasing the reach on customers. It is basically founded on the principles of search engine optimization enabling it to draw traffic to specified websites. Other social media marketing tools include enterprise social marketing, social CRM among others with the main focus on the community.
Advantages of Social media to Student Athletes and Schools
To begin with is the ability to report scores. Considering that high school students don’t have some of the privileges accorded to higher learning institutions such as being reported on the national and regional news, the social media can be used as a platform for reporting scores. It will, in turn, be a leap forward in terms of attracting potential scouts and coaches.
The second major benefit associated with social media is the ability to share pictures. In this perspective, pictures are meant to boost the morale of the students and keep the spirits high. More to this is the fact that words of encouragement and captions meant to support the student athletes make them feel as important members of the school and the society in general.
Major events and school programs need the physical support of the community. This means that the success of any event depends on the physical presence and this can’t be achieved if there are no means of raising awareness to the community. Social media is important in promoting and supporting the school programs and schedules mainly by giving constant updates on the same. Finally, Regardless of the stature of the sport to the school and community, these platforms will always offer support.
Marketing has always been an issue when there is need to sell commodities and policies to the external world. Considering that the common marketing methods of newspapers and televisions are too expensive for marketing school programs, mainly due to a tight budget, the social media can offer a platform that actually can have the same impact as the other strategies but at a cheaper price.
The potential for recruitment through social media cannot be underestimated. Considering that schools and colleges will always want to boost their teams through recruiting of potential players, the social media platform can be used in this prospect. It has been described that the best way to recruit is through social media, mainly by making a presence in social media platforms and being visible.It is in this regard that recruiters tend to associate themselves with student athletes online because the personalities can be different in these two worlds: social media and the real life. On the part of the student athletes, keeping their presence permanent online is a critical factor as this is one of the ways to be easily accessed.
The last, but not least, benefit associated with social media is the ability to display to the public the benefits associated with different school programs. The school affairs usually draw the interest of the public who would want to know the budgetary allocations and the benefits associated with them. It is in this respect that social media platforms are used to educate the public and notify them of the budgetary allocations and the benefits associated limiting any tension between the concerned partie

Relationship to Other Organizations and the SWOT Analysis


The relationship between media packaging companies is mainly based on the products and services. Companies that are related may entail advertising and marketing, graphic design and branding, website design and development and companies requiring search engine optimization (Rouse, 2016).It is, therefore, worthwhile to note that such a relationship can occur with companies such as those offering internet and computer related programs, advertisement firms among others

Swot Analysis

Swot analysis has been described to be beneficial for the business and personal contexts mainly by influencing the ability to develop goals while taking advantage of the skills, capabilities, and opportunities (Bill, 2017). The powerful concept that drives a Swot analysis is the little thoughts that uncover the potential of any business opportunity. Furthermore, weaknesses of the business have to be understood for efficiency in operations. The threats usually put any company at a disadvantaged point mainly because of the weaknesses that are not easily detected prior to a Swot analysis. Therefore, the Swot analysis of the business venture in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be defined as below.

The strength

The response of the business is as effective as can be because of compliance to the law. Stop signs might limit the development of any company but since the business has followed the right path to its establishment, there is no limit to its potential.
The customer care is the best that can be offered. Primarily because it is a small business, there is little work and therefore plenty of time to cater to the customer. Furthermore, there are good customer relations because the business has to cater to its growing customer base.
The flexibility of the business is unlimited because of the relatively simple mechanism of production. The versatility may come to play when the market is not suitable for growth brought about by competition or no proper returns. This would mean a change in production and/or customer base.
The production is of very high standards. Mainly because of the relatively low overheads, the business is able to maintain the quality of production hence ensuring customers get good value.


The primary weakness is the shallowness in the market. The company is still under the process of building its reputation and therefore there is still a shallow market base.
The second weakness is the shallowness of skill in the staff. The business is still unable to hire the services of professionals primarily because of lack of proper returns and a small customer base. Furthermore, considering that it is a small staff, absenteeism due to unforeseen factors such as sickness can stagnate the business activities


The business sector that the business is involved in has a potential for exponential development primarily because it is concerned with technology and the future.
Local businesses have been encouraged by the government means that the business environment is favorable for expansion.


Technology is on a continuous trajectory and it might reach a point where even the business is unable to adapt to the technology.
There is the possibility that any change in the preferences of the market brought about by the change in productivity of a competitor might lead to a drastic fall in the market base.


Media packages can be offered in a variety of forms to the market and hence a prospective buyer should have a clear and concise objective and a path to what the package should entail. This may be either for business or personal purposes. Finally, the potential for media packages cannot be described because technology is on an exponential increase translating to more market in the near future.



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