Mayor Bill de Blasio
Concerning your trip to San Diego, California, here is a report of the information you requested. I have identified the opportunities in the city and how the mayor can harness them. Additionally, I have included recent problems that San Diego is facing and ways of overcoming these challenges.
Key Facts
Local Government Information

  • Form of government: Weak mayor (council). (“Municipal Government Structure” 9; The City of San Diego )
  • Current mayor: Kevin L. Faulconer (The City of San Diego)


  • Population: 1,322,838 (Statistical Atlas)
  • Non-Hispanic white population: 44.2%
  • African American population: 6.7%
  • Hispanic population: 28.8%
  • Asian population: 16.4%
  • Foreign-born population: 0.8%
  • Mixed population: 3.2% (Statistical Atlas)
  • Those 25 and older who have a bachelor’s degree: 49.3% (Statistical Atlas)
  • Median annual household income: $64,100 (Statistical Atlas)
  • Poverty rate: 19.8% (

Major Employers
The three largest employers in the city are the University of California, San Diego (26,000 employees), County of San Diego (20,500 workers), United States Navy, San Diego (20,000 personnel) (“San Diego’s Top 10”).
Local Problems
The primary challenge in San Diego is unemployment. Many people in the city are unable to sustain themselves because of their low wages when compared to the region’s cost of living. In a recent article, John Wilkens reported that almost one-third of San Diego County working-age households’ families are unable to comfortably pay their maintenance bills. Consequently, thousands of people in the city live in economic insecurities and are constantly worried about their next meal. I encourage you to speak with Faulconer about the opportunities presented by San Diego’s closeness to Silicon Valley and the region’s high population of highly-skilled individuals who can work in knowledge-based industries. You may advise him to establish information technology hubs in San Diego to create more employments for locals. Moreover, he can entice the companies in Silicon Valley to relocate to his city by giving them various incentives.
Please contact me in case you need any clarification about the issues I have written. Enjoy your trip to San Diego City.
Lex Floyd
Research Assistant.
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