Title: Michigan case study
Michigan’s Social Venture Fund: Founding the Nation’s First Student-Run Impact Investing Fund

The case highlights four students at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and their development of a student-run venture capital fund that would invest in companies for both financial and social returns. By the end of this case, a successful student will be able to:

Analyze the roles of different types of organizations and the functions they play in the impact investing field.
Discuss what frameworks should be used for measuring and integrating social impact in financial decision-making.
Explore the role students and universities can play in the evolution of the impact investing sector
Write a paper analyzing this case. Your case should be a minimum of 2-3 pages (single-spaced within paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs, 12 point Times Roman font, standard 1-inch margins). Please answer the following questions:
1-What does the landscape of impact investing look like? Who are the main players? What major challenges face the industry?
2-What does social impact mean? What role can social impact play in finance?
3-What are the major questions impact investing funds face when starting? How do the answers to those initial questions affect fund structure and decision-making?
4-What role can students and universities play in pushing innovation in the impact investing industry? How is this model replicable, or not, for other industries?
Please use APA citations inside the paper (Author, date) and at the end of the paper.
please make sure to answer all the questions above.

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