Monster Assignment
Paper instructions:
Must be typed, 12 font, double-spaced, times new roman. No cover sheet. Label each answer with the number of the question. Do not rewrite the question before you answer it.
The book is Monster by Walter Dean Myers
1. Monster is written as a screenplay. Is this an effective format for the book? Why or why not? (100 words)
2. Did you make up your mind about Steve’s guilt before the book ended? Did you decide he was guilty or innocent by the end of the book? Explain your decision. What evidence did you rely on that was presented in court. Don’t rely on anything that was not presented in court. (150 words)
3. The prosecutor states during the trial that “They are all equally guilty. The one who grabbed the cigarettes, the one who wrestled for the gun, the one who checked the place to see if the coast was clear.” Do you agree with that? (100 words)
4. How would you describe Steve’s character? Is he a good person? (50 words)
5. Steve’s hope is that the jury will see him differently than James King, Bobo, and Osvaldo. How do you think Steve’s attorney sees him? Why doesn’t she hug him at the end of his trial? (100 words)