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Motivation and Lying
People do not lie because they enjoy it. Lying often has genuine or rather a serious motive behind it. For instance, a person may choose to lie about vital information to protect people they love from being harmed. This paper explains the motivation of lying.
A time I lied and what motivated me to lie
There was a day my ex-boyfriend called when I was next to my new boyfriend. When asked who had called, I lied that it was a wrong number. He was satisfied and did not seem bothered when I told him that an unknown person had contacted me. My boyfriend also never found out that I had lied to him. I lied because I did not want to anger my current boyfriend by thinking that I was still having an affair with my ex.
Explanation of the theory of motivation that explains my actions
To start with the motivation behind lying is based on instincts. Instincts approach to motivation asserts that people are born with instincts that enable them to survive.  Those in-born traits generate energy that directs individuals towards the necessary directions for survival (Feldman, 2014). In this case, my decision to lie was a response to an instinct of protecting keeping my relationship. If i told the truth, perhaps my boyfriend would have thought that I was cheating on him with my ex and break up with me. Else, telling the truth could have led to trust issues and that is not what I wanted. Generally, lying to my boyfriend and not letting him know the truth ever was a means I used to protect him and sustain my relationship.
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