Batman movie is entertaining as well educative as we see Bruce Wayne who is parentless to a friendless adult existence. It all opens in a prison where we see Bruce undergoing brutal treatment as a prisoner as at the time he is in a research to investigate between the natures of evil. Wayne is so much tempted to do evil things which include killing some in the name of acquiring membership where it results to great enmity towards him and drunkard.
With no information, he returns to Gotham city with no information that trying to fight evil would cost him in a great way. Bruce decides to identify himself with the bats since it was his childhood trauma and he hates evil doers since his parents were killed by a mugger. While in the city a scientist discovers that Bruce is after destroying evil of whereby he offers him with weapons. It is at this extent that it comes to his awareness that the Wayne crop family is ran by a venal corporate monster.
The character in this movie resonates more deeply with the viewers of where his comic effects are so catching. The earth of his parents leaves him with unfocused anger where later he is encouraged by his girlfriend to seek revenge. He finally decides to go back to Gotham after thorough training with an intention of cleaning the city to be a free corruption zone. Before that long happening we find out that batman when he was a child falls in a well and is attacked by swarm of bats this is where he developed that fear towards the bats.
Herons through the world where he learns new skills and abilities to confront justice. During this moments is where he meets Henri Duncard who includes him an s a member. Here he trains and learns how to purge his fears where he learns that also the league of shadows in which he trains with also has the same intention as him. However, later Bruce turns against the league and burns down the temple during his escape. So many are killed where he makes an effort of saving unconscious Duncard. While in Gotham city as a way of protection, he sets some caves beneath Wayne manor.
Later he meets Lucius Fox who allows him to access the prototype technology of defence which includes a protective bodysuit and a heavily armoured car called the tumbler. During this activities he is treated with suspicion al through.
There comes a mysterious man who trains him in martial arts although initially using subservient member of the league of shadows.
To avoid being caught due to his destructive plan against the evil he pretends to act an s a shallow play boy. As he tries to intercepts some drug shipment, he almost get killed when he is exposed to hallucinogen and left incapacitated. With good luck, he is saved by Alfred of where he is given an antidote which is developed by fox. Here he finds a friend called Racheal who saves him severally.
From an instance of where by Racheal tries to accuse Crane of having fear that he has been inducing the water supply with drugs, she is saved by batman where she has been induced with drug by Crane. Later Duncard appears with a powerful microwave emitter from Wayne enterprise where he plans to vaporize Gotham water supply. He also has the plan to render Cranes drug airborne and causing mass hysteria that will destroy the city. Being so much ruthless, he sets Wayne manor on fire and almost leaves Bruce half dead.
Some of the thing that makes the movie to be much entertaining is the large number of digital bats as real bats could be somehow problematic. Images being composed of multiple images as we see shots of Wayne tower makes the movie to be more appealing. Also the mobile suits that would allow the wearer to move easily to fight and crouch.
Luckily, Bruce is saved by Alfred. As the movie is almost ending, Ra’s loads the microwave emitter onto Gotham’s monorail system, she manages to rescue Racheal from a mob where he later reveals his face to her. He refuses to save Ra and leaves him exploding together with the train. At the end Bruce gains Racheal’s respect and trust but he loses her love she claims she will never be with him as long as he is a batman. Batman is promoted to a lieutenant of the Gotham city department of where he swears to continue investigating.
The film received positive comments and it was considered by many to be one of the best superhero films. It was later nominated in the BAFTA awards. Although it has faced several reviews, it was ranked 7.7 out of 10 which is generally good.
In conclusion, the movie is much capsizing as it develops the viewer’s feeling from the start to the end. Being much entertaining as well as educative, we learn we should effortlessly fight against corruption in the society.
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