The nursing profession is an amazing career in which a person is involved in helping the society. The major responsibilities of a nurse are often in the form of providing physical and psychological support to patients during their ailing period, prolonging their life upon their diagnosis with a chronic condition, assisting in childbirth, among others. Since life is often uncertain, the duties of a nurse in making living much easier in difficult time reinforce the tenet that human life is fragile and should be cherished. My attraction into the nursing profession is as a result of it being a fulfilling career in which a person’s responsibilities provide and sustain life.
My desire to become a nurse can be traced back to my early years. Even before my tenth birthday, I had already started learning the essence of caring. In the following years, this virtue was reinforced by my exposure to lessons in health science. Generally, my path into nursing was mainly shaped by my upbringing. Having been born and raised in a family of seven, I was able to learn about important family virtues such as the need of taking care of family members. At the age of nine, my wonderful sister Jessie was born. Gradually, I replaced play time to care for my sibling. Interesting, this duty reinforced my caring nature from a tender age.
In my schooling, my determination to care not only for my siblings but also others kept on growing. The idea of nursing came to my mind during middle school when I viewed this profession as a suitable career choice. During this period, I enjoyed learning about the basic human anatomy. In addition, I volunteered at the Community Kids Center where I took care of the children and also trained them on gymnastics.
My complete inclination to nursing came in 2011. In the summer of that year, I traveled to an orphanage in Madagascar on a volunteer trip. In this mission, I had purposed to assist in the education of four special needs children for just a short time. Contrary to my expectation, I ended up being on-site for almost the entire trip because of the many needy cases that I was forced to assist. Generally, this experience changed my life and stood out as one of the major reasons I want to become a nurse. My ability to help the children, even though on a limited scale, demonstrated to me on how much I can assist if I acquire the right set of skills.
All in all, becoming a nurse is not only a professional success, it is also a personal one.  Nursing is not a profession that I have selected due to coercion from a college advisor; rather, it is one that is based on my personal interests. Further, my desirable personal attributes, which are diligence, empathy, respect, adaptability, willingness to learn, and courage enhance my ability to become an outstanding nurse. In addition to French, which is my native language, I also speak English and Spanish. Therefore, I can work as a nurse in most areas of the world. With this regard, offering me an opportunity of study Bachelors of Nursing in your school will give me the opportunity to treat and improve the welfare of many people in the world. I am aware of the high level of commitment and research needed when studying for a nursing degree and I am prepared to fulfill these requirements. I hope you will grant me the opportunity to study in your fine institution.