The lack of my favorite Arabic foods in the United States and my ultimate determination to prepare these meals has taught me that a person can learn anything he/she decides. During my first years in the United States, I was unable to find my favorite Arabic meals in hotels. As a result, I decided to train myself to cook my indigenous dishes. The initial learning process was arduous since I had to ask recipes from my mother. Additionally, I lacked any cooking experience, and most of my meals got burned. Nonetheless, I soon learned the procedures and progressively became a master cook.
My roommate and my mother were instrumental in making me a good cook. In particular, my roommate encouraged me to continue practicing. Similarly, my mom was impressed by my efforts, and she kept giving me her cooking recipes and furnishing me with advice so that I would improve my skills. Overall, they were patient with me by giving me adequate time to learn and make mistakes. Currently, I help my community by cooking in special religious, social, and cultural events. In these events, I always oversee a group of ten people who assist me in my cooking. Accordingly, I am their team leader.
The opportunity to learn how to cook Arabic meals has taught me the importance of resilience and determination. In particular, I have observed that I can train and become an expert in anything I focus on doing; however, I must be patient, hardworking, and disciplined. Importantly, I have also learned that I should be humble to accept positive criticism and make corrections on specific areas that have been pointed out by other individuals. To strengthen my skills, I will always be open to criticism since it provides a person with insight on issues that he/she may have overlooked. Based on my experience in cooking Arabic meals, I will regularly practice any activity that I may be undertaking so that I may enhance my competence and develop new skills.