Scene List
Scene One: (At home). This scene happens at a very tender age when my interest in gaming develops. Mum gets angry at how much time I spend gaming.
Scene Two: (At the local Gaming store). It is the location where children in the neighborhood go to play online games at a fee. I approach a friend to consider making payment for me, which he grudgingly turns down, further pissing me off because of my financial situation.
Scene Three: (At home). No one is around. The plot involves scheming and finally executing the plan to steal my father’s money.
Scene Four: (At the online Gaming store). I am finally able to pay for my first game, which I do very well, further increasing my urge for more games. Unfortunately, I stole too little and I am forced to return home early before the earlier embarrassing situation repeats itself.
Scene Five: (At home). My sisters are around. A sudden idea comes up in my mind to steal money and make my way to the games store. I tiptoe to my parent’s bedroom where my sister catches me in the act of stealing. She sternly warns me against my thieving.
Scene Six: (A home). There is no one around. I manage to steal a considerable amount from my parent’s bedroom for a whole day experience at the game’s store
Scene seven: (Neighbor’s house). I am inviting my friends to the game store, promising to pay for them. Scene includes bragging about the financial luck of the day.
Scene Eight: (At the games store). I am playing games with my friends. I keep on playing until it is late and I have used up all my money.
Scene nine: (At home). I arrive late and find everybody at home. Everyone is aware I stole money from my parent’s bedroom. Lacking an explanation to the many questions that follow, I am thoroughly flogged.
Scene ten: (Outside the apartment). I am naked with a tag that labels me as a thief.